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Alteryx Gallery "App Store"?


So there are freemium apps in the gallery and

server customers have their own apps published in their private galleries...


What if one want's to sell apps like in iOS app store,

Provide insights from the app as a service either prepetually, annually or monthly so that the locked apps can be used

  • on a basis of pay per monthly subscription model or
  • pay per transaction model etc.

possibly payments being handled over Alteryx Public Gallery.

Does the Alteryx roadmap include such a business model in the future?



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey @Atabarezz - great feedback! We have considered doing such things and opening up an ecommerce marketplace for workflows, macros and apps, and we see the request becoming more common, so it is definitely on our radar, though no particular timeframe just yet.


If you had to choose one model, subscription- or transaction/run-based, which would work best for what you would like to accomplish? We've also considered providing functionality similar to apps in other marketplaces by offering a free version of a given workflow/app, and a paid version... would that be of interest to you as well?


If others out there in the community have some thoughts on this too, we'd love to hear it! There's some really cool things that could be done here.

Status changed to: Comments Requested
Alteryx Partner

I've some ideas in mind;



  • Workflows parsing specific web sites thru alteryx providing price estimation specific to rentals locations
  • Or indexes for 2nd hand auto valuations etc...
  • A website log interpreter for having a scheduled reporting tool, segmenting visitors etc...


I believe these will make good applications for someone to analyze buying habits or

have some feedback from their fitness trackers etc...

Alteryx Partner


 An app that get's your facebook data set (can download from your facebook settings) and provides you credit scoring estimates

- just this brings 100s of millions of people from underbanked (unknown) status to scorable... 

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar
This is interesting, and perhaps similar to my request here: when I was talking about how Sharepoint2013 has an Apps section where you can 1 click to add it, including those that are paid. I've also thought about the 'marketplace model' of the Alteryx gallery, where you could enable those that build macros to earn money by licensing them. I would however, suggest to Alteryx that you keep that more in the long-term ideas bucket and not implement anything like it just yet. Since Alteryx needs to remain growth focused, having an open community where people share ideas and workbooks (following the Tableau model) is going to be much more beneficial long-term for the product. It would potentially be a negative experience for someone to buy a $4-5k piece of software and then see a bunch of additional potential costs to get the macros they are interested in.
Alteryx Certified Partner

I like the idea, and in principal I'm all for it.

Issues may arise around support, consequent requirements that come with a cost associated.

However, if it's clear what is being purchased I don't see the problem.


Alteryx Partner

Guys, thanks for the great feedback on the idea so far...


This idea of developing Alteryx based "services" and offering thru the Alteryx ecosystem (the gallery) with acard or paypal subscription has almost become a status quo...


  • De Villiers Walton, @ddevilliers, created a perfect integration between Alteryx and SAP
  • Grazitti Interactive, @grazitti, created a series of Alteryx Connectors


And these can be licensed separately already...You just cannot pay thru gallery as you do in play-store or iOS appstore

that is the only missing link...


 De villiersDe villiers








Status changed to: Comments Requested

Updating this idea's status back to Comments Requested, to be in line with past product updates.