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In Gallery 10, List Boxes (that are within a Radio Button) have their contents sorted horizontally.  Previously (Gallery 9.5) the contents of List Boxes was sorted vertically.  This new orientation makes it very difficult to find specific items within the list.  The problem is particularly severe for long lists, when it becomes common for the check box and associated text to become separated on two different lines.

1. view by list instead of icon, can display more items per page 
2. add sorting , like sort by created date, alphabetical order
3. improve the filtering , since there is a bug. The pagination result is wrongly displayed

I am the only Curator and my name is on the 2nd page by default when no filter applied.

When the filter applied, page one showed "There are no users that fit the search criteria" , but my name is showed on the 2nd page.



Currently any workflows/apps published to the gallery can be found via the search function - even when the particular user has no permission to this workflow/app. While this only allows for the non-permisssioned user to see the title, this could still leak information as it allows anyone to find apps published in someone's private gallery.


Both the Alteryx Public Gallery and the Private Gallery product are impacted by this. Additionally this is not just limited to logged in users, but also public viewers of the gallery.


My proposed idea:

  1. Force the search function to be permission aware, and only show a user workflows they have permission to see/execute.
  2. Allow for option 1 to be enabled/disabled if there are use cases where anyone should be able to search and find any app/workflow on the server.


Best regards,


The SDKs are great and allow the community to expand Alteryx in many ways. I think it would be great to have some way to package these so we could easily share them and provide updates and fixes.


Not sure how many people use the SDKs but being able to easily share and install the output would help up take I think.


Currently we have built-in authentication for Alteryx Server.
In that state, the Default user role of Gallery is set to "Artisan",
If you sign up to create a new user and log in,
It will be registered as "Viewer".


I want the default user to be valid even with the built-in authentication.


It would be helpful to be able to customize the color scheme in Alteryx gallery to differentiate between the Production and Sandbox environment. This would be a quick check to ensure you are in the correct environment.


Please provide support for sharing a (gallery/Stored) Workflow Credential with a Group.  


Current capability appears only to support Users/Studios.




Hi All,


We are preparing to rollout Alteryx Server in a large organisation and can see that the creation of Collections by many analysts may become problematic over time.


It would be good if we can disable the functionality and only allow for gallery admins to create new collections.





(Commonwealth Bank of Australia)


It is more convenience that allowing gallery admin to download any workflow from the gallery for trobleshooting.

For example, if the workflow is long running , the gallery admin can download the workflow and then drill down to it to find out the root cause. Sometimes, it maybe workflow design related issue.


Alteryx server should support certificate authentication internally within the app (i.e. to the internal MongoDB) rather than password based authentication? this is not User Authentication for Gallery and workflows but the Alteryx Application itself and how it authenticates against the MongoDB.  this would allow it to be installed in Very Secure environments that insist on stronger authentication methods.


I'm really loving the new data connections for 11.0. We have deployed them in a private gallery for our users and it's great. The only drawback is that the server itself cannot easily be configured to use these same credentials. I would like some way for the service account running our jobs on our server to use the data connections from the gallery. I can assign the credentials to that service account just fine, but it never picks them up since it never open up the Alteryx GUI when it's running jobs. This would allow us to have one spot with all of the credentials. Currently, we're going to have 2 locations with all of our credentials that we'll have to make sure stays in sync: 1 in the gallery for the users, and 1 on the sever box for the server.



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