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Automating Deployments of Gallery Apps

Hi All,


Is there any plan to create an automated way of publishing apps/workflows to the gallery. This has been a common painpoint for me on several different projects when I explain how manual of a process this is.


I'd imagine this could easily be solved by adding an additional API call to their library. Ideally, you'd be able to point the gallery to a shared folder with workflows you want to push (git repo functionality would even be better), and have it just move the .xml scripts to the server/mongoDB.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @The_Dev_Kev_Env,


Thanks for sharing the idea. Other customers have also asked for us to expand our public API options. We are planning to provide more flexibility with our APIs to allow customers to automate and control Server as desired. As we further develop that feature, we may reach out to validate a few pieces.

7 - Meteor

any update on this?

automating the below tasks is quite essential especially when the gallery is used widely in the enterprise.

automation can be offered either via an utility  or via REST API option.


It is increasingly frustrating to see no progress on the following for multiple years now :


publish apps to the gallery private studio

publish app to the collection

add Active directory users, groups to the collection







Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Implemented

I'm updating this idea to implemented at the ability to automate the publishing of workflows and apps to the gallery is available in our most recent releases through the workflow promotion features and migration endpoints that were included in a previous release.

6 - Meteoroid

Any update on this? 

We are in Alteryx Proof of Concept mode right now and it looks to me as though in order to migrate a workflow from the Test Gallery to our production Gallery, I have to download the workflow and upload it to the production Gallery and that this creates a @@#$@ new workflow with the same name in the same location that is completely separate from the existing workflow in prod. The workflow versioning for the "new" workflow restarts at 1 and existing schedules have to be recreated to point to the "new" workflow.


Is this really the case? I have multiple identically named workflows in the same location (studio/collection) that even have the same DISPLAYED last modified date (About a month ago)! Don't you think you could have at least warned a user that a preexisting workflow with the same name already exists / do you want to overwrite it? 



12 - Quasar

Upvote this idea; you're not the first to get frustrated with the duplicate workflows.







6 - Meteoroid

Thanks. I up voted it. I wish I could cast 10 additional votes for the people that I work with.