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Enable API to call an Alteryx Server Workflow or App

It might be helpful to be able to use an API to call and pass parameters to/from an Alteryx App or Workflow on an Alteryx Server.  Then a user could use a  browser or another application to call an Alteryx app/workflow.

6 - Meteoroid
I could not agree more.  I actually just came on here today to see if anyone had done that.  This would be increasinly important with tableau compatibility.  Since you would be able to put a web object in a tableau dashboard that could run an alteryx app. 
6 - Meteoroid
I learned today that Alteryx does have this capability.  It is under Developer>API Output.  There isn't any information on how to use it in the "help" section but you might be able to find something on-line.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Yes, the Gallery API version 1 is available for both Alteryx Gallery and your private server's gallery.  The interactive documentation can be found by pointing your browser to  For your private server's gallery, http://{YourGalleryURL}/gallery/api-docs

Thank you!

John Fomby
Product Manager

5 - Atom

Have any of you above made any progress experimenting with the API?


I recently began an attempt to leverage this api in one of my applications, and am able to issue GET requests perfectly fine.  However i am encountering a weird issue with the api response header when attempting to POST:


Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *,*



It seems as though the wildcard here is somehow getting doubled, which prohibits it from functioning as a wildcard, resulting in all request origins getting blocked.  Has anybody else seen this?  Any idea how to fix it?


Sincere gratitude for any and all help.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @gtallen1187. This issue was reported by another user as well - this will be fixed up in an upcoming release.

5 - Atom

Thanks for the quick reply @KoryC !


while we're waiting for the next release, is there a manual (and unsupported obviously) adjustment or change we can make to address this on our own?  We are working with a bit of a timeline here, so it would be great if there was something we could do to get it working, even temporarily, until the next release.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

I'm not sure this is being addressed in the thread above, but is it possible to call the server API through an Alteryx workflow? It seems to me that the original question was kind of getting to that point, but wasn't quite there.


I've been testing/learning to work directly with the API's myself, but I seem to be missing something when attempting to call the Alteryx Server API from an alteryx App/workflow. I believe i'm missing a piece of the oauth_signature process, but haven't stumbled into any answers so far. I don't have any experience with API's, but i've been learning quite a bit by way of the Alteryx download tool. 

5 - Atom

is this feature available in latest version ? I need to invoke a workflow with  user parameter been passed to it through Rest-API.

Is it possible to control a workflow through rest API ? 



10 - Fireball

Hi @sidevr,


It is we are using it at Kaiser Permanente, where one tools is sending over parameters through API and once the report runs it sends the report back to the tool via API

7 - Meteor

I need to trigger a workflow through an API call. Have anyone been able to do it ?


Is this feature available in Alteryx Server 2018.2 ?