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Allow Apps to chain and Workflows to fire other flows using Run Command Tool and Events

Currently the Gallery does not support Chained Apps or workflows triggered by events or Run Command Tool.


Please enable Chained Apps and flow triggering from Events and Command Tools.


I started building Apps a lot this last year and I have been using events and Run Command Tool for 3 or 4 years regularly.  In both cases I can't migrate most of them to the Gallery because the Apps chain and many flows trigger other flows in before and after events or Run Command Tool.


This should also enable the CReW macros that trigger flows.


10 - Fireball

Hi @fharper,


We actual were able to get the crew macros and chained apps to work on our Gallery's. If you want we can compare notes and see what worked for us and would that work within your organization

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for your idea. I am changing this Idea to Implemented since Alteryx Server already supports both chained apps and workflows triggered via Events or Run Command.


For workflows triggered via Events or the Run Command tool you should ensure that you are queuing these workflows through the servers queue, and not call EngineCmd directly, as doing so can lead to performance and stability issues. You can queue a workflow on server from command line by calling the AlteryxService with the addtoqueue parameter, or by using the Gallery API via a POST request to /v1/workflows/{appId}/jobs.


Please keep in mind that the CReW Runner macros are not supported for use with Alteryx Server or Scheduler as they can cause performance and stability issues since they bypass the queue and resource controls implemented by the controller. Please refer to the references below for more information on CReW Macro support, the addtoqueue parameter, and Gallery API documentation.


As an additional note we are currently working to implement a more robust orchestration feature into server that should make these types of tasks much easier, and provide a better experience than utilizing chained apps, events, Run Command, or the CReW Macros to mimic orchestration functionality.


CReW Macro Support
Scheduling Workflows Using Event Run Command
Gallery API Documentation