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Mongo Support for latest MongoDB

Hi there,


Please can we extend the support for MongoDB to include MongoDB Enterprise latest versions, and certify at latest version within 3 months of release (both with the connector components, and the server infra)?


Given the deep dependence that Alteryx server has on MongoDB, being current with the latest version is critical (since many enterprises have a policy of moving to the latest version within 6 months, and shutting off old after 12.


Mongo 3.2 has been out since Sept 2015, and my understanding is that Alteryx Server is not yet certified for 3.2 - so it may be worth skipping to 3.4 (released 11 Sept 2017).


Many thanks




Hi @SeanAdams,


Thanks for posting this. We are aware that support for MongoDB v3.0 ends in February 2018. We have plans to move to v3.4 before that time. We will only move to v3.2 if there are compatibility issues or increased customer risk that we can't address in time.


🙂 that's good news Matt, thank you for responding.


What is your thinking about keeping cadence with (Latest Version - 6 months)?   That would allow you to stay in line with enterprise customers, and also serve the needs of any of the smaller shops that are working with the latest cutting-edge versions.


Thanks Matt



I completely agree @SeanAdams. Our security team and I are pushing to have internal policies in place to ensure our technology, customer-facing or internal, factors in industry standards and expectations, such as current, supported versions.

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Status changed to: Coming Soon

@SeanAdams - thanks again for this post.  I am updating this idea to coming soon as we have started to look at the work to update the embedded version and certify against the latest stable version of MongoDB.  We will keep this post updated as we have made progress here.  


great news - thank you @JulieM

cc: @revathi @Deeksha @avinashbonu

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MongoDB version 3.4 is now supported in Alteryx Server version 2018.1 


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Status changed to: Implemented

Hi all - marking this idea as completed as of the 2018.1 release where Server now supports MongoDB version 3.4.  Thank you for all of your feedback!