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Error: "Workflow exceeded maximum runtime of 30 seconds and was cancelled" when running chained apps on the server.


Error: "Workflow exceeded maximum runtime of 30 seconds and was cancelled" when running chained apps on the server

Environment Details


When running chained apps from the Server, the following error occurs:

Workflow exceeded maximum runtime of 30 seconds and was cancelled


It's also observed that custom settings in alteryx.config file are removed upon upgrade.

  • Alteryx Server

    • All Versions

    • alteryx.config file

  • Chained Apps

  • Server Upgrade


Cause 1

The option chainedTimeout is not set within the alteryx.config file.

Cause 2

A recent upgrade caused a prior adjustment not to persist within the file.


*For multi-node environments, the following solutions will only need to be applied to the Gallery node(s)*

Solution 1

1. On the Alteryx Server machine go to the following default folder:

Versions 2019.4 and lowerC:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin
Versions 2020.1 and higherC:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\server\config

2. Locate the file alteryx.config:
  • Edit the file and add the following at the end of the line:
  • The line that starts with:
‹engine enableAutoLicensing="true" useServiceLayerComposer="true"›
  • Should look like this afterwards: 
‹engine enableAutoLicensing="true" useServiceLayerComposer="true" chainedTimeout="7200"›

3. Save the file and restart the Alteryx Service.

Solution 2

If you had this set previously and recently upgraded or changed versions of Alteryx Server, this will need to be re-added to the file. This files location has moved since 20.1, please see that versions release notes.


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    Super helpful post!


    Does Alteryx intend to remove the default 30 second timeout from the product anytime in the future?

    or Can we retain the config data from previous version even after the upgrade? That ways, we don't have to remember to enable all custom settings again. 




    My experience suggests that the alteryx.config file is in C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\config in the earlier versions.

    Something similar has been proposed in the Ideas section.  Please "Like" the post, and add your use case in the comments including any relevant specifics.