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It would be very convenient if there was a button on posts (for the post author only) that would allow the author to auto re-post the question as a suggestion/feature request if it has gone unanswered for (2? 3?) days.

Probably not just a single click and done, but at least take the content and open a draft in the feature suggestion section.

Oh no:

  • we had a Valentines day badge, and a st Patricks day, and a haloween day, but no "Star wars Day" badge?  This seems to me to be one of the most important days on the calendar
  • we missed Yuri's night on April 12th too :
  • I believe we also missed 10th March, which is both "International awesomeness day" and also Chuck Norris's birthday.   


We have to start thinking for 2018 how we can appropriately make a fuss of these important days. We should ask ourselves "what would Chuck do"?


Don't worry though - we still have time to plan for International CAPS LOCK day, which is held twice per year on June 28th, and Oct 22nd.  THAT IS FANTASTIC YEARLY EVENT (JUST GETTING IN SOME PRACTICE)!



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Hi @LeahK


On of the challenges with the discussion board is that every-so-often you come across one like this:

or like this


Where this may be beyond the technical ability of the community team, and really needs someone from within the Alteryx Dev team who knows the internals of the tool to provide a technical response.   

However - unlike the "meet the community" post - there's no similar idea for the technical folk so we don't know where to send these.


I don't think that relying on you and your team to spot these kind of items is a workable / scalable answer either - there's just too many posts on the fora for you to read every one and make this kind of determination.


I can think of three ways to address this:

a) create a similar post for "meet the tech team" to identify 4 or 5 technical people who are willing to jump onto these more technical items (like MattD; Chad; Sophia / Sofia), and then when we come across these one of us can just tag the relevant technical person onto the thread.

b) we add this to the new functionality that you're thinking about under "report content" - we add another option called "escalate to technical folk"

c) we create a generic @ sign for something like @TechnicalTeamNeeded where when we spot one of these, we can then just reply and tag the technical team, which would put this into the right people's queues.


The vast majority of questions and issues can be solved by the community, so I'm keen that whatever solution we come up with doesn't deluge your technical folk - but at the same time it's important that we create a channel for the small subset that need extra assistance, to be able to get these into the right hands without your tech teams having to trawl through hundreds of community posts daily.



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How is Alteryx a spelling error on the Community? Can we adjust it?

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When I surf around the community, a quick survey pops up

It does so simultaneously in multiple open pages and even though you complete one the others start popping again...

And I receive the survey nearly everytime I log on... It gets a little annoying...



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there should be an option to display a newsfeed that can be customized by the user. Notifications could be color-coded to correspond with its "parent" category (e.g., Discussions, Knowledge, Ideas, Blogs, etc.). The feed should be as flexible/customizable as possible (e.g., mute discussion, reply flag, pinning, etc.). It'd also be great if users had the ability to drag-n-drop items they want added to their feed.

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I wonder if it would be helpful to show/discuss the legal and/or compliance benefits related to alteryx. 

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When I recieved a notification of a private message (see screenshot below), the font was Times New Roman.


I guess it could have been worse . . . it could have been the font that dare not speak its name.


I suggest a change to be a more appealing san-serif font.







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I would love to have the ability to easily populate an entire schema of tables into my work space without having to perform repetitive connections to individual tables. 


Ideally, this would include the ability to drag a schema onto the workflow and have all of the connection tools auto-populate.


I often have  a need to investigate data in many tables to verify its presence / validate the table contents. This would be a very helpful feature for completing this easily and completely.


Thank you!

Is there a way that I can view all of the forums posts which have 0 replies?  I've used this on another forum to find topics to respond to.

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I think it would be great if there was a knowledge base section(or something similar) for any user to post random workflows that they find useful and want to share/solicit feedback from the community. Several posts from the last few weeks would fit well in this new category and sparked the idea: by @N___ or by @michael_treadwell. Instead of having these great workflows buried/mixed in with all the questions, it would great if there was a single spot for people to post various workflows back to the community and get comments/feedback/enhancements from fellow community members. I think many more people would be open to sharing and commenting on posts like this if they had a spot to post them that is separate from all the Q&A style spots.

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Every time I search to see if someone has already made a suggestion for our community, the search returns results from everywhere, and I have to start ticking checkboxes to limit the search. But, even when I do that there's no specific area on the search page for community ideas.


To minimize duplicate suggestions, it could be great if we could more easily search for ideas previously submitted.

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I love using "Reply" in email notifications but I've noticed that the reply in community has breaks, e.g.


Is this a feature, a bug or something I'm doing? If it could be fixed that would be great as it detracts from my reply.

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It would be great if we could subscribe to our User Group so that updates are sent via email just like other parts of the community.

I may have missed it, but I can't easily tell if a post that has been starred by others has been starred by me. In my opinion the star should remain hollow until I have starred it, in which case it should go yellow. The text next to the star tells me the total stars the post has recieved, so the extra indicator is currently superfluos.



if I post a useful article in the community I'd like the ability to mark it as such, rather than as a question. At the moment I get emails prompting me to accept a solution - when there isn't a solution required. Marking a topic as "information only" or similar would solve this.

I would like to see the linkage between the community and user group activities within this site.  This would supplement or compliment the existing use of LinkedIn and allow community members to quickly associate themselves to the user groups to keep informed about upcoming activities and hopefuly to become active members in both the virtual and real environments.

This is a minor thing, but it's kind of funny so I thought i'd post on it. Ever use the spell checker when typing posts or replies? It thinks that "workflow" is a misspelled word. Please add "workflow" to the Community spell checker's dictionary!

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I'd like to have the "Mark All as Read" option in the Knowledge Base like it is in other sections. Not that I could ever read them all, but this is my system for identifying new posts.

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I am proficient in SQL and new to Alteryx; I see the answer to many of problems quite easily through the SQL language but want to know how to translate much of that to Optimal Alteryx workflows and would if there are alternative approach to the same thing in Alteryx I like to be able choose the path that is most compatible with my Alteryx skill set at the time eg take the path using an Alteryx Tool; a Function, RegEx or other.



- How would perform the equivalent of a GROUP BY and HAVING Clause 

SELECT A, Count(*)

- How would I perform the Teradata SQL equivalent of QUALIFY, RANK, ROWNUM and PARTITION BY

- How would I assign a PRIMARY INDEX upon creation of a table using the Alteryx output without having to create the table myself using SQL on Teradata itself (this is necessary to mitigate unnecessary storage usage resulting from skew)