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I bookmarked a Discussion posting but the only way I could see how to find it afterward was to go into my settings or my subscriptions. It would make sense for bookmarks to be a separate section on the main community page, along with Discussion, Ideas, KnowledgeBase, Blogs, etc.

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I think it would be great if there was a knowledge base section(or something similar) for any user to post random workflows that they find useful and want to share/solicit feedback from the community. Several posts from the last few weeks would fit well in this new category and sparked the idea: by @N___ or by @michael_treadwell. Instead of having these great workflows buried/mixed in with all the questions, it would great if there was a single spot for people to post various workflows back to the community and get comments/feedback/enhancements from fellow community members. I think many more people would be open to sharing and commenting on posts like this if they had a spot to post them that is separate from all the Q&A style spots.

Alteryx has to make a lot of little decisions that have a big impact on users such as...

  • What should the default data type be in the new Formula tool?
  • Where in the menu should Manage Data Connections Be?
  • Should the Comment tool be single or double click before you start typing?

Rather than Alteryx making those decisions, why not let the Community decide! A new polls section would allow the users to ultimately determine the look and feel of certain things in the Designer and make other contributions to the future of Alteryx.


If this is done, please make it a separate section (not a subset under discussions) so the purpose and impact are clear.

This is probably just the neat-freak inside of me but I've been noticing more an more Community posts that don't really belong where they are. Examples:

  1. Someone poses a question in the wrong Discussion category.
  2. Someone poses a Knowledge Base or Live Training style article as a Discussion.
  3. Someone poses a question in the Ideas area.
  4. Someone poses an idea for something that can already be done with Alteryx (something that should be moved to a Discussion)
  5. Someone poses a discussion only to find out that there is no solution (something that should be moved to Ideas)

To help the moderators out, I think adding a "Suggest Move" option to the Options Menu on a post (pictured below) would be valuable.


Options Menu.PNG


When selecting this option a little window could pop up with a list of the different areas of the Community. The user would then select the one that they feel the post should be moved too. Moderators would then see all the suggested moves on a special screen and perform the move if they agree. Ideally, any hyperlinks to the moved post that exist within other posts on the community would be redirected.


The positive benefits of this would be:

  • Making it easier to find content
  • Refining the scope of Ideas Alteryx needs to consider
  • Reducing the number of unanswered posts for people seeking to help solve others' discussions (there's a lot of Live Training posts that appear in the Unanswered Posts queue)
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Would love to have more flexibility to filter and/or sort the community discussions. It would be great to filter to just unsolved questions or unanswered questions etc...

if I post a useful article in the community I'd like the ability to mark it as such, rather than as a question. At the moment I get emails prompting me to accept a solution - when there isn't a solution required. Marking a topic as "information only" or similar would solve this.

What do you think about an area in the community for people to look for talent or offer their talent. If we had that, I can tell you right now it would be my first stop before any job search or recruiting sites.

0 Stars works well  --> but returns an error... works --> but is ok, sometimes crashed when demoing to clients though Smiley Wink --> nada... --> doesn't respond


I would also add; for easier access...


A list of subdomainz

Subdomain IP address

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Every time I search to see if someone has already made a suggestion for our community, the search returns results from everywhere, and I have to start ticking checkboxes to limit the search. But, even when I do that there's no specific area on the search page for community ideas.


To minimize duplicate suggestions, it could be great if we could more easily search for ideas previously submitted.

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I was trying to search for some interest groups/user groups within the community but was not able to find it.


I think it would be good if we can have some groups based on interests/specialities of the members.


Alteryx as a tool can be used for a variety of purposes - ETL, Analytics, Master Data Management, Data Profiling etc.


It would be good if there can be user groups based on specialties as well - so as to have more meaningful discussions, focussed/combined request for new product features/ideas, subscriptions based on interest, more relevant solutions, upkeep with industry trends in particular area, contact points for a particular area etc.


It would be great to have a forum for users/partners to submit their solutions to each of the weekly challenges (moreso the advanced ones). 


Would be a good way to see how others have approached problems, and create a bit of competition as to who can get the 'slickest' answer!

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Visualize Alteryx Ideas


The IDEAS landing page should have a visually appealing dashboard.

Visualization should track each idea over time, it should be filterable with a keyword search based on a Period, an Idea's Title or Tagged Label.


Appealing color code should be able to distinguish individual Idea's Star Rating.


Viz contents/layout can be inspired from the inputs of community users.


Top Ideas should be released as new product features.



When me or my clients try to compare alteryx to other vendors,

we all end up seeing graphs like the one below. These are showing how very few tags alteryx has on stackoverflow...


Clients often consider how it's easy to find answers to common analytics or software related questions. Alteryx seems to have a lag in there.

I wish, me and all of Alteryx community friends could be able to link their Alteryx accounts to the stackoverflow accounts and once we write down a question it's going to be automatically posted on stackoverflow and when an answer is received it'll update us as well...


I sincerely believe that this will greately increse the word of mouth effect on Alteryx products.

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I wonder if it would be helpful to show/discuss the legal and/or compliance benefits related to alteryx. 

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I love using "Reply" in email notifications but I've noticed that the reply in community has breaks, e.g.


Is this a feature, a bug or something I'm doing? If it could be fixed that would be great as it detracts from my reply.

Looking through the Top Ideas I was struck by how many are already in the product and marked as "Now Available" - this is fantastic but it does make navigating this view difficult. Could we remove them and move them into a "Now Available" view so we can see what great work the Product Team and Devs are doing at listening to the community?





I am taking a new position with a different company and therefore will have a new email. I would like to have the access to all of the posts and knowledge accociated with my current postition's e-mail. However, at this point, the only way to associate with a new e-mail is to create a new community account. This means I will lose all the inertia associated with my old account-- what a bummer! 





Other online communities I particiate in (mainly for home automation or iOS programming) use a signature tag or header with your current hardware and/or software specs.  It makes getting questions asked and answered much easier when you know what the limitations are or that someone is working with an unusual setup.


For the Alteryx community that would probably be at least putting the user's current version number in their posting signature.

We would have to make sure that the post is preserved with the version number that was in use at the time of posting.


This would probably help users who are on an older version know that they may not be able to use an answer that they find until they upgrade.  And likewise it would help a user know when they are looking at outdated information.


Hardware specs would be nice to know too; although for most of what Alteryx does it is irrelevant (in my experience).

I would like to see the linkage between the community and user group activities within this site.  This would supplement or compliment the existing use of LinkedIn and allow community members to quickly associate themselves to the user groups to keep informed about upcoming activities and hopefuly to become active members in both the virtual and real environments.

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It may be nice to be able have quicker access to social media for shareing questions, solutions, challenges...

On facebook, twitter with shortcut links to community, instagram with workflow and tool pictures etc...


By the way;

Have you voted in the @kdnuggets Analytics poll? Support @alteryx only tool both in gartner's BI and Analytics MQ