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I know I'm not the only one who has noticed this small but annoying bug. Whenever you search for a workflow in the Gallery window, the search results do not appear as expected. For example, if you know that the workflow JMB_WORKFLOW exists in the Gallery and you search, "JMB" it doesn't show up but if you search "WORKFLOW" it shows up as a search result.


There are countless examples of various complexities with this but the short of it is: I can type the exact name of a workflow that exists in the Gallery and the search function/algorithm will not return it as a result. This might be the search algorithm or something else, but as a newer user I was shocked to see that such a simple function was not working in a way that I would consider proper for 2023.


Hi all

Just a quick suggestion from me regarding the Gallery on Community, it would be great if when adding a tool to the community, we can label them as 'Base A'. Of course, this relies on a level of trust from users to tag their workflows, however, for many users, it can be more reassuring, or useful from a learning perspective to be able to know which tools only contain Alteryx-based tools.


My idea is that this is just an additional label in the uploading of a tool/workflow process, as seen below (spoofed with inspect element):


Kind Regards,




Is it possible for the video training index and weekly challenge index to be embedded as an interactive table that can be sorted and filtered to each community user's individual preference especially for videos. The alphabetical sorting of the videos is not user-friendly when you just want to see the Spatial analytics videos sorted by date order or Alteryx version. Some training sessions were repeated and I want to easily pick the latest training for the particular topic (e.g. Parsing Dates and Times). I may want to group the videos by a particular topic or difficulty level especially when preparing for certification exams. Alphabetical order is not the best order for someone using it to preparing for exams.


We have a lot of weekly challenges and being able to search, sort and filter will make it more user-friendly when using for exam preparation. I would like to be able to group the challenges by topic and sort by level of difficulty so that I can easily work my way in progressive level of difficulty from top to bottom within a particular topic. Outside exam preparation, chronological order from newest to oldest works better as we now have a large number of weekly challenges accumulated and not having to scroll down to get to the latest challenge would be most welcome.

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