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It would be great if we could filter our own posts by type (idea, blog, etc,) to better manage our history and perhaps follow up on previous posts.


It could be a nice feature to have a Projects Area, where we can share resources, get feedback in Community Projects. A use case for this could be:


- We (as a Community) agreed to start building an Oauth Macro, beacuse some thought it would be useful. So we can have the "Oauth Macro Project" area to share resources while working on it.


Any thoughts? 


I would like to be able to search the Alteryx Gallery by user, and have the gallery items available for view on a community users profile page.


This will allow community members to be able showcase not only their community engagement, but also their Gallery catalogue in the one place.

I love using "Reply" in email notifications but I've noticed that the reply in community has breaks, e.g.


Is this a feature, a bug or something I'm doing? If it could be fixed that would be great as it detracts from my reply.