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Currently, tagging is pretty easy in the Alteryx Community, just type '@' followed by your favourite user, and you can add them to the post. 

However, I've found sometimes it can require typing their full name to find users. I think this could be improved by having a 'suggested', or reordering of the tagging functionality. Let me demonstrate:

If I want to tag @patrick_digan (Sorry Patrick, just using you as an example :) )

I can type @patrick and he does not show up:


This makes me sad. Clearly I love my name displayed in his notifications.

The following accounts are displayed (sensibly, due to naming):




What I'd quite like is a couple of spots at the top of the searching functionality to be highlighted, as a suggested tag based on what you have typed. I think it would be sensible to have this determined by any of:

  • Highest Rank (sensible, the sorting already exists in the graphql):
  • Most recently/most often tagged
  • Most active
  • Potentially even more interesting, who has been seen most recently in threads (although I imagine this isn't possible easily).


And this would look like:


(yes, I do have certified MS Paint Master on my CV)

This should just to make it a bit easier to tag those most likely to be searched for on the Community.





Just a few years ago I saw the Alteryx Server Certification Exam.

However now it is not possible to test the Server skills.


Please give an Alteryx Server Certification Exam.

Hello Community !

The idea for this post is to release functionality within the Alteryx community to reinforce the importance of marking posts as resolved once an answer has been provided. Some of the most active community members provide responses to posts numerous times a day, with no succinct ability to identify which responses were accepted as solutions, which in turn leads to many posts with received responses (many with correct responses) but those may not be marked as solutions.


I'd propose creating functionality within the "my recent activity" to filter by solutions where a user has provided a response, but the overall thread has no responses marked as resolved. This would allow community members who are assisting others, to ensure their questions have been answered by giving the ability to easily follow up if needed. By doing this, the idea would be to nudge the community to mark additional responses as resolved to improve the future finding solutions in the future.




As a second recommendation perhaps push notification reminders could also be sent to members of the community posing the questions. If a post has received responses but none have been marked as a solution, perhaps a push notification could be sent to the user prompting them to review the responses. From there, an answer could be marked as accepted, or the submitter of the question could flag that they have not yet received an answer that matches their question. Here I am thinking of functionality similar to facebook marketplace where a seller receives a message like the below after a period of time:








Lets hope that 

Making new groups and working on some tools and learning about that tools and related information by making this will help new joiners and students to improve their skills and knowledge in alteryx software development projects and making it possible to work with alteryx easy and flexible..

Let's make sure to join in the team group and learn more .... Thanks if you are agree with the topic like this or else just live it... 👍 

Hello all,

The process for updating Ideas status looks like a mess :
-Some ideas are implemented but not updated (I had to PM @JessL who nicely did it). And since the release notes are not complete as well, I wasn't aware one my ideas was released until a friend of mine showed me it works !

-Some ideas (at least several dozens) are Under review or Accepted for several years (more than 4 years)

Ideas status are very important for me, it gives customers an idea of the roadmap. This also helps to know where a release will bring features we need.

So please bring up to date status and maybe more transparency on how you deal wih ideas.

Best regards,



I noticed recently that the majority of open Community ideas were newly labelled 'Accepting Votes', for instance my idea:


I have to guess that 'accepting votes' is based on the likes on the idea, however this is unclear, and there are numerous statuses that could use clarifying:


For instance, is there a difference between 'Accepted', 'Ongoing' and 'Coming Soon'?

What I suggest is a quick stickied post at the top of the ideas, to explain the ideas section to a new user. What each of the labels are, how to submit an idea, and what to include, with a new idea post. This would display as:

(Positioning could be changed)


Kind Regards,

Hi all,
I just wanted to raise a potential discussion piece (and my ideas) around best practice and maintenance of the Gallery on the Community.


For context - currently, anyone at all can upload a workflow, consisting of anything at all.


This is fantastic in many senses. Not having to jump through hoops to be able to upload workflows means that there is so much more information being shared, and besides, anyone can post a comment on the discussion boards with an attachment, so it makes sense for them to have the same accessibility for the Gallery.


However, a subsequent issue exists of the same nature. Allowing anyone to create and upload tools creates an environment that can make it hard to find a specific tool you need, or browse for what you like due to potentially low quality or 'example' workflows being uploaded - especially with the Gallery being defaulted to sorting by most recently added. Thankfully, there are a low percentage of the current listings on the Gallery that I would consider spam/low quality, however, I suspect this percentage to increase over time. There are a couple of examples of 'examples' here:

I have also noticed a couple of weekly challenge answers uploaded to the Community.


From my perspective, there are a few ways of reducing the number of these uploads (and increasing the overall quality of the Gallery):

  1. Allow for only 'verified' users to upload to the Gallery. Verified being either only those that apply to be an 'artisan' of the public gallery, or enrol/complete a training module on using the Alteryx Gallery. 
  2. Have workflows and Apps go through a verification stage prior to upload, where they are checked by either Alteryx Community Team members or Alteryx Aces. A similar (but not exactly the same) thing has been suggested by @grossal here:
  3. Add an additional option on an Gallery listing to 'flag as spam'

    I am aware that we have the option to notify moderator, however this seems more suited for 'dangerous' elements of the Community, rather than spam posts.

  4. Change the default sorting of tolls to be by likes.

Personally, and without getting too comfortable in volunteering others (I'm more than happy to assist with this process myself), I believe option 2 to be the most suitable. If this option is viable, this would not only remove 'spam' posts, but also tools that are broken or require work before release as an additional benefit. I am aware this would create extra work for the Community/Ace Team, so decided to do a quick scrape and found that the number of new posts each month has been decreasing (on average):


Meaning hopefully the number of uploads currently being faced are achievable within a team to validate. 


I believe this to be something worth considering a year in review of the Gallery, as we are able to consider best practice now for the longer term future of the gallery. An idea such as this would be much harder to implement another year into usage.


I am interested in hearing your thoughts on long term maintenance of the Alteryx Gallery. It really is a great resource, but I hope it does not become a needle in a spam haystack situation. 





P.S if anyone is interested in the yxdb scrape of all the current Gallery listings, I've attached it below.


Hi all

Just a quick suggestion from me regarding the Gallery on Community, it would be great if when adding a tool to the community, we can label them as 'Base A'. Of course, this relies on a level of trust from users to tag their workflows, however, for many users, it can be more reassuring, or useful from a learning perspective to be able to know which tools only contain Alteryx-based tools.


My idea is that this is just an additional label in the uploading of a tool/workflow process, as seen below (spoofed with inspect element):


Kind Regards,



In the non-English communities, we miss the "Videos" section. That option would make it easier for people who do not speak English to find videos in their native language to learn from.


In the Portuguese community, for example, we had to create a workaround by publishing videos on the blog and creating a single fixed post indexing all videos because we didn't have an easy way to find them.




Hey everyone,


When we have an event coming up, you can confirm your attendance, which is very useful in my opinion. The issue with the "no" and "maybe" buttons is that I don't see the point in having them.


To be honest, I believe that using these options can leave a negative impression on others. The ideal, in my opinion, is to keep only the "Yes" button.

Getting to grips with building tools with the SDK can be quite challenging with multiple sources of information from the Github page to the help docs. A single straight forward video tutorial series on the community would be awesome.


I often access the Alteryx community on-the-go and find myself using the forums quite a lot on mobile. There have been several instances where I have replied to a post and then needed to edit this afterwards. Without waiting to get to my laptop, I have so far found that the only option I have is to post another reply correcting my original post. Unless I'm missing something, I can't seem to find any functionality to simply 'edit' posts on mobile and from a search of existing posts/ideas, I can't find anything else requesting this. Apologies in advance if I have simply missed something here!




Currently there are a couple of banners on the Alteryx Community with information for users:


However, even if i dismiss/click the cross on both of these, they reappear if i navigate to another area of the community. It would be nice to remember that the user has dismissed them, and have them not pop up again. Otherwise, it may be worth removing the 'x', however i would prefer the former.





I am glad that all new tools are in one place under the Community Gallery now, and I have also noticed some Alteryx connectors have been moved out of Designer and into Gallery as a separate install. This is great for a lot of users who care about the speed of installation and size of storage on their machine.

However, as someone happy to spend time installing Alteryx tools, and no real limitation on drive space, it would be awesome to be able to download all Alteryx and Ace tools at once. I would think this would work best as two separate macro packs, downloadable from either the Gallery or the download portal, with all of the tools created by Alteryx and the Aces.


I think this would extend my functionality of Alteryx as I would have access to many of the Alteryx tools much easier. 




Very often first time questioners post questions in formats which make it hard to answer. For instance. posting a question with no context about the data they are using or using an screenshot which the community will then have to manually type up themselves to answer the question. In this case if users could be pre prompted to add a copy and paste table beforehand it will allow the community to more quickly answer and understand new users questions.


I've noticed that a fair few community members who have a standard sign off on most of there posts, usually consisting of contact and business details. It would be nice UX feature to be able to set a default sign off/signatures to replies and posts much the same as can be done with email. 

Curious if folks in the transportation industry would be interested in re-invigorating an Alteryx supported member-led transportation user group? Sounds like @NeilFisk and @williamchan are willing to lead the charge and from an Alteryx perspective, it would be helpful to gauge interest from potential members to inform bringing this group back under the User Groups wheelhouse.


Give this idea a "like" to let us know you'd be excited about joining a Transportation group in community and getting involved in quarterly meetings. If you're willing to speak, host, lead, please comment as well ;-)


In the meantime, Neil and William are hoping to connect with folks at Inspire Denver 2022


If you work in a different industry and are interested in other Industry user groups, please create a new Community idea, add the user group label, and share what you have in mind. 

It would be nice if the answers marked as solved were highlighted a little better. Currently, there is a little checkbox next to the start of the answer which can be hard to see when scrolling a longer list of answers. It would be nice if the answer was promoted to the top and also highlighted all in green (or at least a border.) that way it will be apparent when browsing through the chatter. 


I'm completing sections of the Alteryx Academy and see the 100% progress bar, but it would be great to have a link where we can see and download all our completed courses in a transcript form. We could provide it to our leadership as a way for them to measure growth in our skills, or bring it to interviews along with our resumes, etc.


I believe this was a bug a while ago, however, I couldn't find the post surrounding it - sorry if this is a duplicate.


However, currently, the LinkedIn icon does not appear on the community profiles:


And it is just a white square next to the twitter logo.


I cant seem to see anything obvious in the chrome inspect elements to suggest why its not appearing, and just for a test, it does not appear on Chrome (logged in), Chrome (logged out and incognito), or Edge.


It is also not just my profile:



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