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Hello Alteryx Team,


I know that there is an option to add the badge to LinkedIn but nowadays there are a lot of companies that are usign more and more the Credly platform to check your certifications.


The idea, is that the Alteryx certification badgeds will be added to your Credly Acclaim profile. I think it's not good that there is another company offering this badgeds in this platform, should be the Alteryx Community.


I think it would cool if we would make some enchantments in the area of creating new topics. I hope this topic will be a good conversation starter about how this should exactly look like.

In my opinion, the current format for creating new topics could be enhanced. The current recommendations don't have sufficient information to identify if this recommendation is relevant for me.

Suppose the recommendation would show like four first rows of text. Thanks to this small change, we could make it more useful. Sometimes, people don't search for the answer before posting a new topic, and it would be great if they could found a solution without creating a new post.




If other people have more ideas regarding creating new topics please feel free to share them here. 




This idea isn't my own. If I remembered correctly, it was mentioned by @MarqueeCrew. I hope he will not have anything against me posting it here 😀

In short, we don't have functionality in the community that would allow us to follow specific users. I think we have a couple of stars in the community that share quality content, and it would be amazing to receive a notification if they started a new topic or post a new article.

To my best knowledge, functionality like this should be relatively easy to implement, and it would allow us to learn best practices from those stars that we are following.


I think it would be great to have Grand Prix style event once a quarter for the weekly challenges. This can be broken down by expertise level. I see this increasing the engagement on the community and further spread the word on weekly challenges. Also, not everyone  makes it on stage for Grand Prix, this event could be their opportunity to experience Grand Prix


Within Alteryx Interactive Lessons, there are a variety of types of interactive components. When the videos require the learner to type text before moving forward, the text must be correct, or else the video will not continue playing. The learner can click the "next" button (or the video's next main learning objective from the menu, depending on the video type), but this sometimes skips immediately sequential parts of the video. 


Most of the time, it's easy to figure out the correct text. However, there are a handful of instances where I could not figure out the correct text, even though I'm familiar with how to use Alteryx interactive lessons after 7+ hours of learning. I couldn't tell how much of the lesson I skipped after clicking "next", and these particular videos (App List Box and App File Browse) didn't have transcripts or a submit button with the text entry activity. 


In Alteryx interactive lessons with text entry activities, I would love the option to either:

- click a button to manually override these text entry activities and move on to the very next video segment, or

- click a button to automatically populate the correct answer so the video will continue

This button could have a time delay so that it would only appear after 10 or so seconds of wrong answer, or set to appear after a certain number of attempts. 


For example, from the analytic app List Box lesson, here is the text entry activity.

List Box Lesson Example.png

Deleting all of the auto-populated text but "DFW", "JFK" didn't work for me. I tried different variations of it with spacing (the white instruction text has an additional \s between "DFW" and ,) but ultimately ended up clicking the "next" button and skipping the inaccessible portions of the lesson. I realize the information I missed can be found within documentation or experimentation in Alteryx, but I'm sure there are learners who are not as comfortable with these alternatives yet! The manual override button could go right above the "next" button and would help learners who struggle to find the correct answer for a text entry like this.


Thank you for your consideration! I'm so grateful for the time the Alteryx team has spent creating these lessons, and I look forward to watching more in the future!


As of right now, at the end of every interactive lesson and learning path, we have a quiz that is not more than 5 questions. To further solidify the learning, I think it would be a great value add if we can add a challenge (just like the weekly challenges) at the end of every 3 or 4 interactive lessons or learning path. The idea is to solve the challenge using everything we learnt from those lessons.

Problem:  We are finding many discussion posts solutions that either are exactly the same as a previous solution on the same question or slightly different and in addition they are being marked as solutions. This doesn't help the community if there is no premium on either expanding significantly on the previous answer or answering completely differently but also correctly. Users are being rewarded on just posting an answer not on posting a thoughtful, useful, and correct answer.


Solution: Stack overflow as an example handles this quite nicely in that they offer many different responses but also with the ability to upvote OR downvote a response. This would radically improve the responses along with the metrics that guide many other programs in play on the community.







There is a way to find all the unanswered but there isn't a way to get to a list of all the posts that have NOT been solved yet. Can you make this available on the community? 


Like this: 




Is it possible to have some hyperlinks enabled to find the posted ideas by me or any other user?








I noticed my community content is available for download at the bottom of my personal information page but, after exploring the file a bit, I couldn´t find anything related to when my posts have been published.


Would it be possible to include each record´s timestamp? I believe this info is useful to conduct an user activity analysis.


Thank you!



Nice podcast on Accessibility! I recently passed my Core Certification and I am a frequent user of the interactive videos which are great, so thank you. I love that there are transcripts on these, as I learn best by reading.


Have you considered making the playback speed adjustable on these resources? On audiobooks I usually slow it down to .75 or .8 speed and it's a big help, especially when I don't want to miss an important word or concept. I believe Netflix is also adding speed adjustment options. I know that there are people with auditory processing disorders that could probably benefit from a feature like that as well.  





@TreyW I'm loving all of the community updates! 1 thing I do miss is the ability to sort my community subscription emails based on looking for certain key phrases. Specifically, I like to know when someone is posting a comment/reply on an ideas board. My email updates from the ideas board used to include the word idea in the body of the email like so:



Now with the updates to the various boards, it looks like the word "ideas" was dropped from my notification emails, so now I can't tell that it was an ideas post:


It would be great if "idea" could be added back to email updates!







When trying to help someone on the Community, answer may differ depending on installed version.


It could be useful to know display -if agreed- the product(s) and version(s) owned by someone to make interactions more efficient. Example: files for Python tool would not be placed in the same folders depending on the version.



- Helps with providing answers adapted to user's context



- If user upgrades her/his version then post will lose its context








I tried to share on Linkedin the next to come webinar of July 29th


Alteryx publisher should make sure that there is an attractive image linked to the web page that LinkedIn will automatically feature.So far, there is none: the post appears image less and is therefore less attractive.


Posts with an image or, even better, a video, always work better in the feed.


Just a hint 🙂 Kind regards


In user profile, users could add how many hours a week Alteryx has saved them.


Great for marketing!

Video Documentation

More vlogs on the usage of all Alteryx tools will be awesome. Some tools do not have example of its usage so more documentations most especially video documentations (vlog)  will be helpful

First of all, I want to say that I am very much enjoying the Academy Interactive Lessons. I would like to request that, upon completion of a lesson, the icons for the tools used in the lesson be added to the tile for quick visual reference. It seems simple in the example below, but would be helpful in the later lessons that use 2+ tools to execute actions.



First off, want to thank Alteryx for the nice AfG gesture. I believe there would be a LOT of people that want to take advantage of it globally. To that end, it would be great to have a Introduce yourselves section/thread where people can go and say hello. I have engaged in some online learning (both MOOC and otherwise) and any class where people get to know each other automatically becomes more engaging. You already have a lot of social elements built-in (photo, cool "rank" names and such) but no social kick-off. This thread could potentially be it! 

I like that we can now connect our linkedin and other accounts to our profile: I would like to also connect my twitter account. 






I think it would be great to have badge(s) for the interactive lessons. They are a really great tool for people to learn about the tool, so badges could recognize folks who've invested the time to complete it.