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We don't have any place to post idea about the cloud products. Since it's clearly new products, isn't it relevant to ask your users about what they need?

Best regards,


I posted on the general sub here: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/General-Discussions/Machine-Learning-Fundamentals/td-p/1150799


Thanks @Alayna for requesting that I post it here. 


I will split this Idea into 2 sections:

#1 Learning Paths for ML 

We currently don't have much options when it comes to learning how to utilize ML in itself + how to use the tools in Alteryx.

The standard R Tools like:

Screenshot 2023-07-09 095339.png

These tools don't really have a learning path to them, and they are more towards end users who already know how to utilize them. It would be good if there was training or education material on them with the Alteryx context so that users can pick them up and start using them. 


Currently, the learning paths available for ML are the Intelligence Suite, which is an add-on that Alteryx has. Not everyone has access to the Intelligence Suite, and more people would have access to the standard R Tools upon download. It would be good to have a focus area on them as well, and to make a whole theme around them too.

#2 Certification

Right now, we have the Micro-Certification for Machine Learning (Free):  

Screenshot 2023-07-09 095009.png


and also the Predictive Master Certification (paid):



Connecting to Point #1, there's a big jump from Micro to Expert without anything in between. I think where the Core/Advanced equivalents for ML/Predictive is to touch on the basic areas of the R Tools, and then test on theory as well. 


Alteryx can partner up with institutions dedicated to teaching data science so that they can make this happen. 


I welcome all the community members to chime in on this and add-on to the idea in the comments down below as well.





I've posted here on the General sub: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/General-Discussions/Collect-Team-Alteryx-Data-for-Internal-KPIs/td-...


First off, I would like to thank @simonaubert_bd for his fantastic workflow. He has put together a workflow that scrapes through the Alteryx community profile to gather all the badges one has acquired. 


I've added on to his version by picking out the User ID and User Rank as well for a full view. 


It would be great if this could be packaged into the Alteryx workflow as part of the Alteryx Designer app so that users everywhere can benefit from this. 


The benefits are most profound when you want:

  1. A way to measure your team's Alteryx progress via the Community
  2. Marking it as part of a KPI as part of performance reviews or to serve as justification to maintain license

Of course, there are many more reasons and I am sure that the community will improve on the workflow further to include other items as well. 


A time-series component of when the badges were earned or even user activeness in postings, comments, likes, etc. can also be measured. 


There's a thousand ways to take this, and I think it is worth sharing with the community as an idea!


Thanks all!



Hi all!

This idea stems from my team's need to have Alteryx materials on hand. We have a repository internally built to store all Alteryx related presentations and materials, but it would be great to have it available to Community members if it comes directly from Alteryx.


For example:

  1. Presentation slide templates with high production value curated by Alteryx can be shared to Alteryx teams to showcase results, workflows, value engineering, and so much more! It should also cover common topics like how Alteryx and IT Security go along, the requirements to run Alteryx, what is needed to use Alteryx etc. This helps teams get passed the hurdle of actually introducing Alteryx to their companies too. 
  2. It will also be good to have slides or PDFs that explain roadmaps, best practices, and a sample doc which all teams can use as a base for their governance or just for references. 
  3. Alteryx image assets (as long as it used strictly for Alteryx purposes / demo and not outside commercial purposes) will be great too! Adds flair to what we do in our documentation. https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Designer-Desktop-Discussions/alteryx-tool-icons-to-download... This discussion is pertinent! 

Screenshot 2023-07-04 085658.png


In the 2023.1 release - the Alteryx Designer team have delivered one of the most requested features ever - and this brings a huge amount of power to the designer allowing developers to do things that they have never been able to do before!


(see Control Container Tool | Alteryx Help)


Now although Alteryx did release an introductory video on the features in 2023.1 (1) What’s new in Alteryx 2023.1 | Enterprise Ready, Cloud Friendly - YouTube - it seems that there would be a lot of value in releasing a series of small videos to showcase how this helps.


For example

- there could be one video showing off an example that is very tough without dependancy control (e.g. writing to the same excel sheet; or sending an eMail only after the data has been updated; or loading a customer table and only then loading up the customer transactions)

- there's another video showing off the logging aspects

- another showing how the conditional execution simplifies all of your canvasses - e.g. if there are no rows, you can prevent an entire area from running, so you don't have to manage the zero rows issues that you did previously


If you do these videos like other software companies do - showing just how much time and effort it saves in these scenarios (i.e. a before and after) then people will really understand just how big a deal this is.


What do you think @joshuaburkhow @JoshuaB @NicoleJ 

So - there's a well known principle in psychology that people behave differently when they are asked "do you like A" "do you like B" - vs. when you say "if you can only have one - which will you pick".   


This is an important principle for Agile Product Owners because asking your users "do you support this feature" will essentially provide a popularity score - but tells you nothing about which are the most important features to your user base. Where saying to users "Pick your top 5 from this list, in order" - will give you a VERY different result because now people need to think "Sure I'd like this feature, but if I had to pick, it's not on my top 5".     TLDR: the best way to gauge importance (vs popularity) is asking users to force-rank with constraints.


So the idea is to provide Alteryx users on the Maveryx community the ability to select their top 5 features / ideas that they would like to see.    This can be done programmatically in a very easy way by looking at the ideas that get more than X votes, and then adding them to the list.     


The real benefit of this is that the Product Managers at Alteryx get a very clear sense of the most useful / important features - and perhaps more importantly the Maveryx will say "I made that happen" which creates a real sense of ownership & stickiness in the product among the userbase.


cc: @NicoleJohnson @NicoleJ @JarrodT @SteveA @mbaerend 

Hi there,


In the ideas board, there are many ideas which have been marked as Inactive, indicating that they didn't receive enough support, or that they have been unchanged for over a year.

example: SELECT TOOL: Right Click to Select Fields - Alteryx Community


the challenge with this is that ideas may still be useful, but they have been marked as inactive because lack of change (which may well be because the product team is focussed elsewhere for now)


Now - for ideas stuck in this state - the community has started reposting them, as a way to resurrect the idea when it's useful / important.


In order to reduce noise - could we instead have a way of resurrecting inactive ideas like the one above so that the Product team can include them in their thinking, and the community can vote on them?    It would reduce wasted time on the product community; reduce noise; and also make the community feel that their ideas are valued.


Thank you all



cc: @MarqueeCrew @mceleavey 


I know I'm not the only one who has noticed this small but annoying bug. Whenever you search for a workflow in the Gallery window, the search results do not appear as expected. For example, if you know that the workflow JMB_WORKFLOW exists in the Gallery and you search, "JMB" it doesn't show up but if you search "WORKFLOW" it shows up as a search result.


There are countless examples of various complexities with this but the short of it is: I can type the exact name of a workflow that exists in the Gallery and the search function/algorithm will not return it as a result. This might be the search algorithm or something else, but as a newer user I was shocked to see that such a simple function was not working in a way that I would consider proper for 2023.

Hi all!


Right now, we have product focused certifications that showcases one's skills with Alteryx products. But, being proficient in the product itself does not necessarily mean that the certified individual is a good trainer for others to learn. 


Having a trainer certification pathway will be great! It gives trainers access to certain Alteryx training material, and helps provide some credentials to trainers to be "official" and endorsed by Alteryx itself. 


Of course, to attend these Train the Trainer and certification stages, I think it needs to be paid for rather than free to ensure commitment and some degree of investment on part of the applicant. 


These Train the Trainer certifications can be renewed, and based off where the user's regions are. 


Hope this works!



Thanks to @gautiergodard for showing me the SparkED Job Board!



I was actually curious about Alteryx freelance roles in general and what practices are in place for people hiring in terms of data security. That prompted me to post on the General forum here.


I was then led to the SparkED Job Board by Gautier, and I will be honest, it was somewhat difficult for me to find the Job Board through self navigation. Once I found it, I am quite disappointed that the Job Board is not very active nor user friendly to both job posters and hunters. 


It is difficult to find Alteryx specific roles, and it is sometimes also difficult to hire for Alteryx specific persons (one problem I am facing at the moment). 


But then it dawned on me. Alteryx is partnered with many companies - some as vendors selling + using Alteryx for their own clients, and some with direct clients. Surely they must be needing some talent - and with Alteryx having a worldwide reach, surely many partners would be interested in utilizing this free source. 


My Ideas

I think it will be useful to split my idea into a few sections so that it can be seen more holistically. 


#1 Change the Name, Function & Location of the Job Board

Right now, the SparkED Job Board's path is through Community -> Learn -> SparkED Education -> Job Board.


Based on some of the postings there, it seems that the need of people posting tends to sway more to hiring people with some years of experience with Alteryx + general Data Engineering and Data Science skills. It would be more beneficial to put it under its own category in the tabs above like so:


Doing so makes it more prominent, easier to find, and could bring more clicks in. 


#2 Change UI/UX of Job Board

The current Job Board looks like this:



Some tweaks to make it more Job post-and-search friendly would be:

  • Changing "Create an article" to "Create a Job Posting".
  • Having a direct "Apply" button that notifies the creator of the Job Posting that the user has applied.
  • A good resume would be the Alteryx Community profile itself. The badges, profile activeness, certifications, ideas, and user ranks are all things that can be used to gauge a profile. It can also include links to your LinkedIn, GitHub, or any page that has your work on it. 
  • The box view currently is hard to see. It would be great if a company name or project name can be seen first + a logo, role name second, location preference, Remote/On-Site, and salary range / project price range is visible in smaller boxes would be more captivating and easier to go through.
  • It is also helpful to categorize the job post as either a full-time, part-time, contractual, project, ad-hoc, or training role.
  • Have a filter function on top that covers the field mentioned in the previous point + a search bar would be great as well!

#3 Posting Rights

Just as how we post Blog articles on Alteryx, it can be moderated by the Alteryx team.


For example, companies do not necessarily have to create an account on the Alteryx community to post. They can reach out to a community member responsible for this page, and they can provide all the necessary details required to post a job. 


The Alteryx team can decide the level of moderation which they wish to apply, and then check it off with the Job Poster to continue. 


#4 Split Job Board into Job Posters and Job Hunters

Of course, it will be helpful if people could post their profiles indicating that they are looking out. This will be slightly different for job posters, but can still be moderated by the Alteryx team. In addition, it would be helpful to have the following features:

  • An icon frame that indicates one is hiring or looking for work as part of the Alteryx Community icon. 
  • An anonymous posting in case some users are not comfortable with sharing on the community itself. 

Outreach by Alteryx

As mentioned, Alteryx has many partners worldwide and I can only see the partnerships increasing as the days go by. I am sure that the companies Alteryx work with are interested in getting more talent.


This can be part of the overall package which Alteryx sells. Not just the software that changes lives, but it also comes with a Community that is helpful AND can find you talent to make those transformations a faster reality! 


The community is buzzing with ACEs, top contributors, etc. It will be great to have this feature as well - another golden point for Alteryx. 



Thank you for reading and considering this idea. I hope this idea is taken up by the Alteryx Community and team - I am a firm believer in this as it can help even more people and makes Alteryx a skill more worthwhile knowing in 2023 and beyond.

The Alteryx Product Certification Program is a great way to motivate the learners.


On top of that, I appreciate very much about the Micro Credentials which were recently introduced.

Take Certification One Step at a Time With the New Alteryx Designer Core Micro-Credentials

The learning path to Core Certificate has become more accessible for beginners.


As a step further, I would like to have the 4 Micro Credential Exams in Japanese language.

Core and Advanced Certificate Exams are available in Japanese, which greatly contributes to lower language barrier.

I guess the 4 exams are subsets of Core Certificate Exam, and if so,

the questions in Japanese Core Exam might be copied for the 4 exams without much effort.


If this becomes available, it would be much easier for me to encourage my colleagues in Japan to start learning Alteryx.

I appreciate if you support this idea.

Currently, within the support portal, you cannot upload a .saz file as it is an unsupported file type:


However, this is essentially a route of investigation taken by Alteryx Support, primarily if the issue is derived from a web or connectivity issue. This issue can be worked around by sending an email rather than updating the ticket, however, the purpose of the Customer Case Portal is to provide a single point of access for tickets.


Kind Regards,




I am M&A Analytics Leader, managing a team of analytics professionals in India.


I am always interested in hiring the best analytics professionals, with skill set in Alteryx and M&A.


I think if Alteryx starts a Job Board, where prospective hiring managers can post relevant jobs, this will be really appreciated by our community.


LinkedIn saw big engagement spike once they integrated Job Board into their website. I think Alteryx community can also take benefit in a similar way.


As of now, we do have job board in SparkED section. But I am asking for a separate section altogether - something on the face of the community - just like LinkedIn.





As of now, if a community member has to access the community, there are 2 ways:


1. Log in to the website from Desktop

2. Log in to the website from Mobile


When we are working on Alteryx workflows, it makes sense that accessing from Desktop is the best.


But when we are away from Desktop and having a conversation on a thread, it get's really bad from a user experience perspective that we have to go to browser, login and then access the community.


I think Alteryx should develop iOS and Android App for the community. It will increase the engagement of community members considerably.





A little recognition for the users who have the most contributed to implemented ideas. We can imagine a badge for 1, 5,.... 1000 ideas implemented on the model of likes/ solved, etc.



Best regards,




I don't think the "Revisit" status is useful. What we want to know is the probability/delay of the idea to be released and "revisit" doesn't offer any information about that.

Best regards,


I'd like to suggest adding a feature to automatically @ tag/mention the person you are replying to. I've seen sometimes users (especially those new to Community) forget to @ the person they are replying to, assuming by clicking reply the other person will get a Notification, but that's not the case. I think this feature will make a difference so people don't have to turn on "Email me when someone replies" or subscribe to the post to get notified of every single reply.


I love the current feature where users can mark something favorite by clicking the "" button at the bottom of a post, blog, article, etc. and the content will show up in the Favorite Posts carousel on their profile. But the Favorite content seem to be limited to content within the Alteryx Community. I'd like to have the ability to add external links (outside the Alteryx Community) to the Favorites board, kind of like the Featured section on LinkedIn where people can put whatever links they want that showcase their skills or links they frequently use and want to share with others. Not sure if anyone else wants this feature or the amount of work needed in the background so just want to post this idea and get feedback. If anyone knows any way to feature content to the profile please let me know! 😀

I'd like to suggest an ability to post kudos to Alteryx employees who help customers.  Let's turn positive feedback into swag or other benefits to those folks who go their extra mile for us.  





Problem: I am seeing that sometimes to solve a single topic, a thread of messages start between the OP and some specific user, and in the end, some OP`s can give 5 to 10 (yes, 10) marked as solved answers for this specific user for just one topic/problem. 


I understand this situation as a problem for 2 reasons:


1-It can harm the Community Hygiene. If users start to crack the game and flood topics just to try to get more marked as solved answer point`s per topic, the topics will start to get messy and confusing.


2-This is unfair from the points perspective. Some users that are trying to give concise and correct answers are and will get far less points than the ones that are possibly cracking the game.



Real example of a topic with 10 marked as solved answers for just one user


Solution:  I undestand that if only 1 marked as solved point was accounted for each user that had the answer selected as a correct answer per topic, the incentive for this behaviour would decrease.


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