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Learning Path for ML & Predictive Master + Core/Advanced Certification Equivalent

I posted on the general sub here:


Thanks @Alayna for requesting that I post it here. 


I will split this Idea into 2 sections:

#1 Learning Paths for ML 

We currently don't have much options when it comes to learning how to utilize ML in itself + how to use the tools in Alteryx.

The standard R Tools like:

Screenshot 2023-07-09 095339.png

These tools don't really have a learning path to them, and they are more towards end users who already know how to utilize them. It would be good if there was training or education material on them with the Alteryx context so that users can pick them up and start using them. 


Currently, the learning paths available for ML are the Intelligence Suite, which is an add-on that Alteryx has. Not everyone has access to the Intelligence Suite, and more people would have access to the standard R Tools upon download. It would be good to have a focus area on them as well, and to make a whole theme around them too.

#2 Certification

Right now, we have the Micro-Certification for Machine Learning (Free):  

Screenshot 2023-07-09 095009.png


and also the Predictive Master Certification (paid):



Connecting to Point #1, there's a big jump from Micro to Expert without anything in between. I think where the Core/Advanced equivalents for ML/Predictive is to touch on the basic areas of the R Tools, and then test on theory as well. 


Alteryx can partner up with institutions dedicated to teaching data science so that they can make this happen. 


I welcome all the community members to chime in on this and add-on to the idea in the comments down below as well.






Hi @caltang!


I want to extend my thanks for your valuable input regarding the creation of a dedicated Learning Path for Machine Learning. Although we don't currently have a specific learning path labeled Machine Learning (R tools specifically), I'd like to provide you with an overview of the resources currently available:


We offer several courses that cover R tools:

  • Predictive and Data Investigation Palettes: The  Predictive Modeling tile includes a range of brown tools and data investigation tools (light blue palette).

  • Time Series Palette: The Time Series Forecasting tile encompasses four available courses.

  • Predictive Grouping Palette: The Predictive Grouping tile offers four available courses as well.

  • Prescriptive Palette: Currently, no courses are available for this palette.


The Data Science Learning Path, where all the courses detailed above are available, remains accessible as before.

Feel free to share your thoughts, and if you have a different idea in mind, please don't hesitate to let me know.


Thank you!




17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Thanks @AYXAcademy for your response. It’s great to see the data science resource! I’ll definitely check it out. 

Since you already have a dedicated resource, that’s nice to have on Alteryx. But I think users will still need something above that to be predictive masters.