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It should be possible to 'like' a reply to an idea posted on the community.


Many times users post workarounds, hints, or maybe even full solutions to people's ideas and the ability for the original poster and other community members to like these would be valuable to show appreciation.


Furthermore, I think it would be great to have the ability to mark idea replies as a solution and/or a workaround. I see this is already an idea, so will up-vote @Claje's post here:


For instance, take this example here, where I hope I've posted a good workaround for @MuralidharAreti :

Hi Alteryx,


If people who are registered for AFG could volunteer by solving problems as a part of Weekly Challenges it'd really bridge the gap between volunteering for Non-profits. The help needed by NGO's with Alteryx could be broken down in problem statements and can be worked on. 



Rohan Waghere

It would be great to see an email with the Top Idea Submissions at the End of the Year sent out to everyone who is registered on the Community to encourage participation going into the next year. 



What feature do You most want added to Alteryx? Vote before January 14th.


We have added over X number of features in 2018 and are looking for your input for 2019 features (see below for some of the top ideas currently on the community):


1. Programmatic Detour

2. Between Operator Function

3. Containers should move other tools when Expanding Collapsing

4. Append YXDBs

5. SQL syntax highlighting


Sometimes, Ideas are posted by users that have solutions or workarounds that meet the user's need.  When others in the Community respond with these suggestions, the ideas usually end up in a status of "Not Planned".

I think it would be really helpful to be able to mark these as "solved".  An example of this is the following post:


Here, the user posted a suggestion, and I as well as @mcarrico were able to provide suggestions that met this need.  I think marking this post as Solved could help other users who have the same thought in the future.

I also think that this might be an opportunity for an additional tag for Community ideas, either "workaround available" or "already implemented".  "Not Planned" doesn't necessarily read as well as it could in cases where a solution exists.

Can we have a dedicated section on the community for just Tips and Tricks where people can post tips and tricks that they would have discovered ? This could be a short video or a screenshot with some description.

Looking through the Top Ideas I was struck by how many are already in the product and marked as "Now Available" - this is fantastic but it does make navigating this view difficult. Could we remove them and move them into a "Now Available" view so we can see what great work the Product Team and Devs are doing at listening to the community?



Hi @LeahK,


On our profile pic (top right) there is a very simple marker that shows if you have new messages or notifications.

Can we implement something similar for the other areas on the left hand panel?

- if there are new items in the discussions, then put a green circle with a number in indicating the count

- Same for Knowledge

- same for training; blogs; events etc.


This would be MASSIVELY helpful because that would allow everyone to see on a simple scan if there's new content out there without having to trawl into each section one by one to find new stuff.


NOTE: if we wanted to really make this uber-cool, for the discussion areas, users would be able to say "only count unsolved (or only new unsolved) discussion treads in my notification counter".   That way, people like the top solution hounds (listed below) could be in and solving problems in seconds.


Top solution authors copied: (based on

@MarqueeCrew @jdunkerley79  @JohnJPS @michael_treadwell @patrick_digan @pcatterson @Joe_Mako @DataBlender @s_pichaipillai @Federica_FF @chris_love @tom_montpool @jack_morgan @kane_glendenning @Bob_Blackey @alex @danielbrun @DultonM @dataMack @Kanderson

Hi there Alteryx team,


Firstly, thank you for the care that you put into nurturing and tending this community!


Looking at the badges - it seems that it may be useful to discriminate between posts made in the Ideas sections; vs. posts made in the discussion or the Weekly Challenge section.

My thinking here is that some folk will be able to make a huge contribution in new product or community ideas - while others may be assisting the community with solutions; suggestions; replies etc.   Both are valuable and both are very different ways to contribute.


🙂 additionally - like you've done with the weekly challenges - we could make this fun (e.g. use light-bulb or invention-themed badge icons for folks who are prolific idea generators).


Thanks again for all you do




Pinned discussions appear at the top of the Discussions page.  The current 3 pinned posts haven't had a reply in 2,3,15 months.  Would it be possible to move pinned posts to the right side of the screen, along with Top Solution Authors and Top Starred Posts?  This would provide more space at the top of the page for active discussions.

The weekly challenges provide such a rich resource for strengthening your Alteryx abilities but for new uses a lot of time is spent merely collecting the older challenges to work on them.  I would suggest creating a page with all of the start files, and a page with all of the solution files so that all of the challenges can be downloaded from a single location.  This would also provide an opportunity for a new weekly challenge to build a workflow that downloads challenges within a specified range, create windows folders for each week, and cleanse the pesky underscores from the front and end of many of the files.

I think it would be great if there was a knowledge base section(or something similar) for any user to post random workflows that they find useful and want to share/solicit feedback from the community. Several posts from the last few weeks would fit well in this new category and sparked the idea: by @N___ or by @michael_treadwell. Instead of having these great workflows buried/mixed in with all the questions, it would great if there was a single spot for people to post various workflows back to the community and get comments/feedback/enhancements from fellow community members. I think many more people would be open to sharing and commenting on posts like this if they had a spot to post them that is separate from all the Q&A style spots.

When me or my clients try to compare alteryx to other vendors,

we all end up seeing graphs like the one below. These are showing how very few tags alteryx has on stackoverflow...


Clients often consider how it's easy to find answers to common analytics or software related questions. Alteryx seems to have a lag in there.

I wish, me and all of Alteryx community friends could be able to link their Alteryx accounts to the stackoverflow accounts and once we write down a question it's going to be automatically posted on stackoverflow and when an answer is received it'll update us as well...


I sincerely believe that this will greately increse the word of mouth effect on Alteryx products.




Kaggle competitions are widely known in academia but not so much in the industry, at least in MENA region...


Mostly college grads, ML practicioners and analytics consultants are attending who frequently code... Instead Community can provide

  1. kaggle tutorials completed on Altery,students and new users can get a grasp of advanced analytics easily...
  2. solutions to old and recent challenges to be solved solely on Alteryx workflows...


To name a few tutorials;


Some recent interesting competitions are;


It may even be a nicer idea if someone publishes a top %1 solution in competitions using Alteryx,

discounts to inspire events or personal licenses may be provided or automatically becoming an ACE for 6 months/a year etc.




Visualize Alteryx Ideas


The IDEAS landing page should have a visually appealing dashboard.

Visualization should track each idea over time, it should be filterable with a keyword search based on a Period, an Idea's Title or Tagged Label.


Appealing color code should be able to distinguish individual Idea's Star Rating.


Viz contents/layout can be inspired from the inputs of community users.


Top Ideas should be released as new product features.







When trying to help someone on the Community, answer may differ depending on installed version.


It could be useful to know display -if agreed- the product(s) and version(s) owned by someone to make interactions more efficient. Example: files for Python tool would not be placed in the same folders depending on the version.



- Helps with providing answers adapted to user's context



- If user upgrades her/his version then post will lose its context






In user profile, users could add how many hours a week Alteryx has saved them.


Great for marketing!


I love the Weekly Challenges.   Unfortunately, my corporate security has deemed them insecure.   I cannot any longer download the starter or the challenges.   Could we also have the starter in a word or text description so that we can recreate it on my side.   I can still download documents... I think!  

(Dogbert Principle of Security:   "Ideally, perfect security is only achieved when there is no possibility of achieving meaningful work .") 


It may be nice to be able have quicker access to social media for shareing questions, solutions, challenges...

On facebook, twitter with shortcut links to community, instagram with workflow and tool pictures etc...


By the way;

Have you voted in the @kdnuggets Analytics poll? Support @alteryx only tool both in gartner's BI and Analytics MQ



I was posting a question today about sorting, but didn't see a label for sort, sorting, or a question label. Not sure what the qualifications are for making the label list, but I suggest that "Question" and "Sort" be added.


there should be an option to display a newsfeed that can be customized by the user. Notifications could be color-coded to correspond with its "parent" category (e.g., Discussions, Knowledge, Ideas, Blogs, etc.). The feed should be as flexible/customizable as possible (e.g., mute discussion, reply flag, pinning, etc.). It'd also be great if users had the ability to drag-n-drop items they want added to their feed.