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Place to share cool ideas/workflows on the community

I think it would be great if there was a knowledge base section(or something similar) for any user to post random workflows that they find useful and want to share/solicit feedback from the community. Several posts from the last few weeks would fit well in this new category and sparked the idea: by @N___ or by @michael_treadwell. Instead of having these great workflows buried/mixed in with all the questions, it would great if there was a single spot for people to post various workflows back to the community and get comments/feedback/enhancements from fellow community members. I think many more people would be open to sharing and commenting on posts like this if they had a spot to post them that is separate from all the Q&A style spots.

11 - Bolide

This thread is somewhat similar to this idea by @chris_love. In that post, @JulieH mentioned that the idea has been suggested to the platform vendor. It was also suggested that informative articles could be nominated/moved to the Knowledge Base. @TaraM, do you feel any of the posts @patrick_digan mentioned could be Knowledge Base candidates?

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Status changed to: Comments Requested

@patrick_digan -- Great idea! Apologies for the delay in providing an update.


I like the concept of creating a separate space within the Community for members to share and collaborate on something they've built using Alteryx, from cool workflows, Macros & App's to leveraging the API/SDK, and am curious to hear what others think.


I've updated the status to "Comments requested" to encourage members to provide feedback.

8 - Asteroid

This idea sounds like a workflow gallery similar to Tableau Public Gallery:

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Love this idea!  We've been looking at some new areas for the community, so we'll be taking this into consideration as we move forward with some of those enhancements.

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Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for submitting this idea, we have added the Gallery section on the Community which allows members to share workflows with the rest of the Alteryx Community, comment and gather feedback.