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Prove to others how much you know. Register for one of our product certification exams today and begin your journey to becoming an Alteryx Certified Professional.
Prove to others how much you know. Register for one of our product certification exams today and begin your journey to becoming an Alteryx Certified Professional.
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The Alteryx Product Certification Program
Alteryx is thrilled to release its certification program! This program will allow people like you to receive credit for your knowledge and technical skills. As a certified Alteryx user, you will receive recognition for your accomplishments, a certificate and a badge on the Community.
Alteryx Designer Core
2 Hours
80 Questions
Alteryx Designer Advanced
2 Hours
44 Questions
Alteryx Designer Expert
2 Hours
Coming Mid 2018
Exam Certification Details
Want to learn more about each exam? Check out the details and FAQ below!
Alteryx Designer Core
  • Audience: Everyone! Whether you are just beginning your journey in analytics or a seasoned professional, this exam is an opportunity to prove your skills with Designer. This exam is a pre-requisite for advanced level exams.
  • Description: The Alteryx Designer Core product certification exam is intended to test your aptitude around the 'core' toolset in Alteryx. The 'core' toolset was determined by the top 20 most used tools in the Alteryx Designer in addition to understanding basic UI/operational elements. The Alteryx Designer Core exam is the most basic of the certification offerings.
  • Price: Free
  • Skills Measured: Interface Elements, Basic workflow building concepts, Input Data, Browse, Select, Filter, Formula, Join, Summarize, Union, Output Data, Sort, Tool Container, Comment, Unique, Text Input, Cross Tab, Data Cleansing, Transpose, Append Fields, Text to Columns
  • Questions: 80 Questions
  • Question Type: Multiple-Choice
  • Exam Time: 2 Hours (90 sec/question)
  • Audience: The Alteryx Designer Advanced exam is for users who have already demonstrated their proficiency on core Designer abilities. This exam may be attempted only after you have passed the Alteryx Designer Core exam.
  • Description: The Alteryx Advanced exam is the next stepping stone in the Platform Certification journey, allowing users to demonstrate their higher-level abilities with the Alteryx Designer. The exam builds on concepts, configurations and tools that are included in the Core exam, and also requires users to be able to understand a wider breadth of tool functionality and apply their knowledge to more complex applications. The exam includes two parts. Part I contains multiple-choice and True/False questions while Part II includes four (4) practical questions that require you to build a workflow to arrive at the correct answer. NOTE: You will need access to Alteryx Designer to complete this exam.
  • Price: Free
  • Skills Measured: In addition to skills measured in the Core exam, the Advanced exam will also cover functionalities from the following tool palettes: Reporting tool palette (e.g., Report Map, Overlay, Map Legend Builder, Map Legend Splitter, Layout, Table, Charting, Report Text), Parsing (e.g., RegEx, DateTime), Interface (e.g., Control Parameter, Action Tool, List Box, Tree Tool, Check Box), Spatial (e.g., Create Points, Distance, Find Nearest, Poly-Build, Poly-Split, Spatial Info, Spatial Match, Spatial Process, Trade Area), Developer (e.g., Dynamic Input, Field Info, Dynamic Rename), Preparation, Transform, Documentation and In/Out. The Advanced Exam also covers use of the Alteryx Analytics Gallery. NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of all tools included on the exam, but should give a general idea of the scope Designer knowledge that is tested.
  • Questions: 44 Questions
  • Question Type: Part I of the exam contains 40 multiple-choice questions. Part II of the exam contains 4 practical questions that require you to create a workflow to determine the correct answer.
  • Exam Time: 2 Hours
Exam Certification FAQ
Q: I registered for a certification exam. When will I receive a link to take the exam?
A: We will be sending out the exam link the month following your registration. For example, if you registered on November 15th, you will receive the link to the exam December 1st.
Q: When I pass a certification exam, what will I receive?
A: You will receive a digital certificate of completion and a badge on the Alteryx Community. To ensure that you receive the Community Badge, please register with the same email that is associated with your Community Account.
Q: What will I need to take the exam?
A: You will need your email address, and your Community user name before you start. You can find your Community User name in the top right corner of this page if you are signed in. If you have not signed up for Community, sign up here. It is recommended that you have Alteryx Designer installed, but is not required.
Q: What should I do to prepare?
A: See below for some of our recommendations!
Q: Will my certificate reflect my exam score or number of attempts?
A: No, certificates will not reflect exam metrics.
Q: What is a 'passing grade' for the exam?
A: You will need to score an 80% or higher to pass the exam.
Q: What happens if I do not pass the exam after three attempts?
A: You will not be able to tak the exam again under your current registration. If you would like to attempt the exam again, you will have to register for the exam for the following month.
Q: If I skip a question during the exam, can I come back and re-visit it later?
A: Yes, you can return to questions that you'd like to re-visit as often as you'd like during the exam. However, after you complete and submit your answers, no changes can be made.
Q: What can I use a reference for the exam?
A: You may use Alteryx, the Community and the web. This test is "open book".
Q: Will I receive a breakdown of the questions I answered correctly and incorrectly after the exam?
A: Unfortunately, no. We do not distribute answers.
Q: When I retake the exam, will I see the same questions?
A: The questions in this exam come from a question bank. You may see some questions that you'd seen previously, but you'll also see new questions.
Q: Can I register for the Alteryx Designer Advanced exam before passing the Alteryx Designer Core exam?
A: No, you must register for and pass the Alteryx Designer Core exam before you can register for the Advanced exam.
Exam Certification Preparation
The big question you are asking is likely along the lines of, "how can I be successful?" Like any exam, preparation will be key in your performance. In the exam descriptions, we have noted what tools will be covered in the exam. You will be expected to be knowledgeable on tool behavior, configurations and outcomes.
  1. Watch this video on what to expect on the day of the exam:
  2. Take this sample exam to get a feel for the types of questions you'll come across.
  3. Watch this video about exam strategies and resources that are available to you during the exam.
  4. Study. Fill in those gaps with our ample training resources right here on Alteryx Academy!
For any questions around certification, please email