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Tackling the Alteryx Designer Core exam can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be! 


With the new, stackable Alteryx Designer Core Micro-Credentials, you can focus on one section at a time, allowing you to build up your knowledge and confidence in each topic before moving on to the next. Plus, you'll be able to celebrate small successes along the way. 


The Alteryx Designer Core Micro-Credentials cover the basics of Alteryx Designer and are broken down into four individual exams that you can take in any order. Passing all four exams is the equivalent of passing the Designer Core exam and will earn you the Core certification. 


Micro credentials (1).png

The General Knowledge exam tests your familiarity with the basic features of Designer. General knowledge includes Designer features such as the canvas, file formats, and workflow optimization.  


The Data Preparation exam tests your knowledge, skills, and abilities of the Input/Output and Preparation tools in Designer. This includes the Data Cleansing, Filter, Formula, Sample, Select, Select Records, Sort, and Unique tools. 


The Data Manipulation exam tests your knowledge, skills, and abilities of the Join and Parse toolset in Designer. The Join and Parse toolsets include the tools that are used most often in Alteryx Designer to blend data together or parse it out and are fundamental to data preparation and analysis.  


The Data Transformation exam tests your knowledge, skills, and abilities of the Transform toolset in Designer and your ability to apply your knowledge to change the direction of the data and summarize the data using the Transpose, Summarize, and CrossTab tools.  


Each micro-credential is available for free and on-demand, so you can certify whenever it is convenient for you. Earn one, mix and match them, or pass all four Alteryx Designer Core Micro-Credential exams to receive your Alteryx Designer Core Certification. It’s up to you! 


The Alteryx Designer Core Micro-Credentials are only available to those who are not yet Core Certified or beyond. Each micro-credential expires after 2 years. You may retake and pass each one, take and pass the Alteryx Designer Core exam, OR the Alteryx Designer Advanced exam to renew your micro-credentials. After the first year of certification, you become eligible to retake the exam to recertify. 


If you have questions about micro-credentials, please contact the Alteryx Certification Team at