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Ability to change the e-mail address associated with Community



I am taking a new position with a different company and therefore will have a new email. I would like to have the access to all of the posts and knowledge accociated with my current postition's e-mail. However, at this point, the only way to associate with a new e-mail is to create a new community account. This means I will lose all the inertia associated with my old account-- what a bummer! 





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As an update, one is able to, with the help of Alteryx, move some of the content over to a new account. You can even have the same username and get your badges transferred-- pretty much the whole shebang with the exception of posts-- it was suggested I simply link my new profile to my onld one for continuity there. However, this end is only possible by the intervnetion of Alteryx. Asking for this was indeed painless enough and the customer care was of course wonderful, but still an extra step. I would love to see this as native offering! 



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Hi JH,


Totally agree - my account was purged last time and I had to start over!

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Oh, that is no bueno at all! Glad to see that Alteryx support made it work, but that is a whole lotta hurt to go through.

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Agreed, just went through this as well, a bit of a stepped process unfortunately, but thanks to Alteryx for the help!


PS - My old profile still exists, just renamed (mc23), I'm guessing this remains indefinitely?


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Thanks @Harbinger, and everyone else for chiming in! We're right there with you and would much prefer our community users to be able to hold on to the identity, rep and ranking they have built over time, rather than having to start from scratch should they move companies. Because currently community profiles are tied to Gallery records, licenses, and use the email as the unique identifier there isn't an easy solution. We're investigating internally how we may be able to improve the process, and will keep you updated!

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@christenmc23 your guess is correct - we do not remove old profiles and their contents, to avoid breaking the flow of past conversations. 

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Hi, I have additional question to the topic:


I'm also moving to the new company however the new one is not using Alteryx at the moment yet (but most possibly might get it soon...). Can I create the account with my private email address as for now then? or I must wait until the new company gets the licence? in case I need to wait - will this be possible in future to merge my accounts?

also - I would like to keep using Alteryx not to loose my skills and knowledge - is there any chance to use it in any private way (just to do the weekly challenge or so?) I've seen only an option for 14 day's trial which is not the case as I believe my new company won't make a decision in two weeks time.... which might leave me out of scope in the "Alteryx world" for a while :-(

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Just got back from Inspire, and the whole experience reignited my interest in contributing to the community (it was great meeting you @JulieH)!  However, I'm not sure where my future may take me, and would love to be able to have my community presence separate from my license and work email.


It makes sense that you all link community profiles with the gallery and with licenses, but it would be great to be able to keep logging in to this account if I leave my current employer or go without a license for a bit.  Any updates on whether this is a future possibility?

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Is there any update on this idea?

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Thanks to everyone who's shared feedback on this suggestion thus far!


As of today, the ability to change the email address associated with your Alteryx Community account, continues to be dependent on a few factors -- the most prominent being whether or not your email is tied to an active Gallery record/license.


There are cases where we are able to make the change on your behalf, and it is something we handle on a case-by-case basis.  If you would like to explore your options, please send an email with the details of your request (current email, new email...etc...) to We can then investigate how best to move forward.


I also wanted to point everyone who has contributed to this suggestion towards a related idea, from @SeanAdams, that has potential to solve more than just the email address problem:

Standardized Login for all Alteryx sites - SSO -- This suggestion could really benefit from your feedback and support!