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I think it would be great to have badge(s) for the interactive lessons. They are a really great tool for people to learn about the tool, so badges could recognize folks who've invested the time to complete it.


Hi all,


@Joe_Makopointed out to me yesterday by a PM that the export & package tool for Alteryx has a known defect, where the nested macros (a macro inside a macro) don't export properly.


That set me thinking - what's the best way for the community to log defects, and I'm wondering if there's a place for a section on this forum for defect reports?   That would also make it easier for the Alteryx team to parse out defects (which folk like @Ned care very deeply about) from other types of posting.


This would have to be heavily curated though - in my experience, a large number of defects raised for systems I've managed over the years have not been defects, but actually users not understanding the tools - however these did give us very valuable insight into usability; training; etc.


So -  if we had a "Potential defects" section, and if the more senior members of the community had the ability to curate along with alterxy, we should be able to do something good here:

Curate actions needed:

- move some to "Ideas" if they are new functionality

- move some to one of the discussions thread if they are actually a usage question

- Escalate some to the technical leads at Alteryx

- the alteryx team could workflow them in the same way as the ideas but with an additional step of "replicatable example pending from user"


Let me know what you think?




Closed captioning would be a welcomed feature for the Interactive Lessons in Academy. This would enhance user experience and enables those with hearing impairments to learn the Alteryx software.

In today's day and age, we are constantly on the move and we may not always have access to the laptop/desktop that we have installed Alteryx on. While on the move and no access to the Alteryx installed computer, it would be great to login to the Alteryx Community Simulator to test or solve a problem or try a new field, formula, etc. to see how the results would look.

I'd love to see the ability to create a private community that would serve as a subset to community.alteryx.com.  Many of us work for large corporations and are unaware of other users within the organization.  We are left to our own devices to attempt to connect and share.  With private communities we could

  • enable better networking (who's going to conference?)
  • automatically suggest membership to the private community based on email domain or license
  • encourage better participation through gamification/badging (competing against peers vs Alteryx consultants and wise aces)
  • share knowledge
  • identify who the best participants were within our organization (as a way to identify talent)
  • reveal opportunity gaps and leverage positive peer pressure (if Joe's department is now certified why isn't mine?)

It would be wonderful to have a rich mobile version of the community.


Lithium has an experimental (beta) version out there, and if Alteryx can adopt this we can use the power of the alteryx community to test this and make this bullet proof.



Hopefully this lithium mobile app can be used on any lithium-powered site without re-engineering?


Nice podcast on Accessibility! I recently passed my Core Certification and I am a frequent user of the interactive videos which are great, so thank you. I love that there are transcripts on these, as I learn best by reading.


Have you considered making the playback speed adjustable on these resources? On audiobooks I usually slow it down to .75 or .8 speed and it's a big help, especially when I don't want to miss an important word or concept. I believe Netflix is also adding speed adjustment options. I know that there are people with auditory processing disorders that could probably benefit from a feature like that as well.  





if I post a useful article in the community I'd like the ability to mark it as such, rather than as a question. At the moment I get emails prompting me to accept a solution - when there isn't a solution required. Marking a topic as "information only" or similar would solve this.

It would be really great if we could organize our Community friends into groups (ex. local users, personal friends, coworkers) and be able to send private messages to the group instead of one for each individual.

Similar to the weekly challenges camping badges (weekly challenge badges that are assigned when individuals complete - 5, 10, 30, 50, 100 challenges) - There should be camping badges for the regular Alteryx For Good visitors.- 2, 5, 7, 10, 15, 30, 50, 100 (the frequency can be less as there are only limited number of visits one can make throughout the year).


This will bring in a gamification aspect for a good cause and will also be helpful to track individuals who have done more AFG visits and others can leverage their experience and expertise.


Please note this Idea is different from the Adhoc Badge idea posted earlier.

Every month the fantastic @LeahK posts the Community Top Contributors blog (Link to last month's post).

These include information on the Top Star Authors and Top Solution Authors for the given month.

Today, there is a default view of a rolling 30 days of history for most-starred and most solutions, which is really cool, since you can see who has contributed a good idea or solution recently.


However, as a somewhat competitive person who enjoys gamification probably a little bit too much, there is a problem!  There is currently no way (that I am aware of) to see how many solutions a user has since the month started.  What this means is that it is rather difficult to tell who is at the top of the leaderboard for the month until the month ends.


As an example, as of the time of this writing, I am #3 on the Solution Authors leaderboard for the last 30 days, with 28 solutions, putting me one full solution above @MarqueeCrew.  However, if I dig into my posting history, I solved a post about splitting strings in SQL on 10/29, which means that when I look at my November Solutions, I actually only have 27!  Mark and I are tied!  This gets even more complicated if I then want to try and find out if Mark has any solutions from late October that might go away, and before you know it I've spent 15 minutes writing an idea post about this topic because I've dug myself into an analytics pit!


Having a view in the Stars Leaderboard and Solution Authors Leaderboard for "Month to date", which would include all solutions since the first of whatever month we are in, would help me with my gamification of community time, and would enhance my experience.  Since this would reset to 0 on the first of every month, I understand why the view is not as interesting for front-page status, but having it as a time range option would be awesome!

behold my MS Paint skillsbehold my MS Paint skills


EDIT: Since I started writing this post about 20 minutes ago and now, one of my recent solutions "expired", and Mark and I are tied!

Hey all,

One of the areas that may be lacking in content a little is the server / admin side.   I may have missed this, but it seems like there are very few (if any) challenges or contests for the folk who do look after the Alteryx Server to sharpen their skills.


This is an area that I'd like to learn too - both to grow my own personal skill, but also to be of assistance for these sorts of questions.


Would there be a way that we could create a focus area around Server; and also a way for community members to download and install Server at home to learn?   We could severely limit this version (e.g. the learning version only allows 5 live workflows) to prevent people making a commercial operation, but still make the full capability available so people can learn this key part of the puzzle?


Thank you



Not going to bore you with my use case (but if you really want to know, send me a private message), but I think it would be an added bonus to specify which email address you want to use for community subscriptions, even if it's not the email tied to your community profile.

I have had a number of times where I've responded to forum posts only to discover upon posting that someone else has posted an (often better) answer ahead of me, and my answer is now redundant.


It would be nice to have a notification before posting that the thread has changed.

Would love to be able to get a history of events on the community for analysis.


While possible using web shredding would be nice to have 'official' data source 🙂

Oh no:

  • we had a Valentines day badge, and a st Patricks day, and a haloween day, but no "Star wars Day" badge?  This seems to me to be one of the most important days on the calendar
  • we missed Yuri's night on April 12th too :  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri%27s_Night
  • I believe we also missed 10th March, which is both "International awesomeness day" and also Chuck Norris's birthday.   


We have to start thinking for 2018 how we can appropriately make a fuss of these important days. We should ask ourselves "what would Chuck do"?


Don't worry though - we still have time to plan for International CAPS LOCK day, which is held twice per year on June 28th, and Oct 22nd.  THAT IS FANTASTIC YEARLY EVENT (JUST GETTING IN SOME PRACTICE)!




It would be very convenient if there was a button on posts (for the post author only) that would allow the author to auto re-post the question as a suggestion/feature request if it has gone unanswered for (2? 3?) days.

Probably not just a single click and done, but at least take the content and open a draft in the feature suggestion section.


It could be a nice feature to have a Projects Area, where we can share resources, get feedback in Community Projects. A use case for this could be:


- We (as a Community) agreed to start building an Oauth Macro, beacuse some thought it would be useful. So we can have the "Oauth Macro Project" area to share resources while working on it.


Any thoughts? 


It would be nice if users could 'check in' when they attend certain events together like Alteryx Inspire, Tableau Conference, or a local community event.

The event people are checked-in to could be posted as a status next to a user's name (ex. JoshKushner - at Alteryx Inspire 2018) and popular events could be summarized on the community home page.


This could publicize to other community users meet-up opportunities they might not have been aware of and could facilitate community engagement in real life.

I think the New Posts feed could be improved by filtering the Challenge question answers out of it. They push out people's actual new comments and questions.