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Could this be added? Can help identify those that haven't had any help yet (and similarly those that don't have a solution yet)

Hello all,

My goal today was to work on Alteryx Designer Cloud (the "new" one, not Trifacta). I began this path but what a deception ! It's about the Trifacta.

Do I miss something ? We all have understood Alteryx Cloud is your priority but building documentation, tutorials, certifications is not exactly an option if you want to seduce customers and partners.

Best regards,


Hi all! 


Just had a fun thought over Christmas and didn't find the time to post it. But the general idea is to increase participation in User Groups, and to have more unique flairs to it. 



I think being part of a UG is pretty cool - but having badges that are designed to the UG location would add more flair to it and encourage people to explore UGs too. Tableau does this in a pretty cool way, an example is how they design base on location like for Singapore:



Joining badges helps users to know about UGs and contribute within. Having more activities is fun!



Have UG badges that indicate contributions within as well. For example, being a proactive member by hosting several UGs or events should warrant some form of badge / honor as well. 


I think small pockets can hang out on their own online and have sessions that can help one another. One problem is that UGs are usually dependent on UG Leaders organizing, but if individual users can setup sessions and share their sessions would be good and should be counted too. This helps current UG Leaders find talent and also to plan for succession should a UG Leader wish to step down. 



Having more support from AYX on these programs. I know hosting events and catering is expensive in general. Support from Alteryx in the form of USD 150 per UG setup is already pretty neat. It would be great if we can have more support - some arrangement can be made I'm sure. 


That's all I have for now! Will comment to add more.

I posted on the general sub here:


Thanks @Alayna for requesting that I post it here. 


I will split this Idea into 2 sections:

#1 Learning Paths for ML 

We currently don't have much options when it comes to learning how to utilize ML in itself + how to use the tools in Alteryx.

The standard R Tools like:

Screenshot 2023-07-09 095339.png

These tools don't really have a learning path to them, and they are more towards end users who already know how to utilize them. It would be good if there was training or education material on them with the Alteryx context so that users can pick them up and start using them. 


Currently, the learning paths available for ML are the Intelligence Suite, which is an add-on that Alteryx has. Not everyone has access to the Intelligence Suite, and more people would have access to the standard R Tools upon download. It would be good to have a focus area on them as well, and to make a whole theme around them too.

#2 Certification

Right now, we have the Micro-Certification for Machine Learning (Free):  

Screenshot 2023-07-09 095009.png


and also the Predictive Master Certification (paid):



Connecting to Point #1, there's a big jump from Micro to Expert without anything in between. I think where the Core/Advanced equivalents for ML/Predictive is to touch on the basic areas of the R Tools, and then test on theory as well. 


Alteryx can partner up with institutions dedicated to teaching data science so that they can make this happen. 


I welcome all the community members to chime in on this and add-on to the idea in the comments down below as well.





Currently, within the support portal, you cannot upload a .saz file as it is an unsupported file type:


However, this is essentially a route of investigation taken by Alteryx Support, primarily if the issue is derived from a web or connectivity issue. This issue can be worked around by sending an email rather than updating the ticket, however, the purpose of the Customer Case Portal is to provide a single point of access for tickets.


Kind Regards,




Currently, tagging is pretty easy in the Alteryx Community, just type '@' followed by your favourite user, and you can add them to the post. 

However, I've found sometimes it can require typing their full name to find users. I think this could be improved by having a 'suggested', or reordering of the tagging functionality. Let me demonstrate:

If I want to tag @patrick_digan (Sorry Patrick, just using you as an example :) )

I can type @patrick and he does not show up:


This makes me sad. Clearly I love my name displayed in his notifications.

The following accounts are displayed (sensibly, due to naming):




What I'd quite like is a couple of spots at the top of the searching functionality to be highlighted, as a suggested tag based on what you have typed. I think it would be sensible to have this determined by any of:

  • Highest Rank (sensible, the sorting already exists in the graphql):
  • Most recently/most often tagged
  • Most active
  • Potentially even more interesting, who has been seen most recently in threads (although I imagine this isn't possible easily).


And this would look like:


(yes, I do have certified MS Paint Master on my CV)

This should just to make it a bit easier to tag those most likely to be searched for on the Community.





Just a few years ago I saw the Alteryx Server Certification Exam.

However now it is not possible to test the Server skills.


Please give an Alteryx Server Certification Exam.


Currently there's only the Curator role that can perform admin functions in Gallery. This role is too broad. We would like to have a separate admin role that can only perform user management but nothing else. Likewise, we would like an admin role that can manage workflows/collections, view metrics etc, but cannot do user management (view/add/edit/delete users). Such more fine-grained roles are necessary in IT management where strict separation of duties is a mandate.


A Curator can see all workflows and their general info in the Admin area.  This is fine.  However, a Curator can also paste the app ID of a workflow in his/her regular gallery view and can download the workflow even if the workflow is not shared directly with the Curator. 


For example, a user (regardless of role) access a workflow that's shared with him/her like this:


https://<alteryx server hostname>/gallery/#!app/<workflow name>/<workflowId>


A Curator can paste the workflowId of a workflow that he/she does not have access to in the URL, and access the workflow to download it. We think that this is a security/IP risk as we do not want our Curators (system admins, Support reps) to be able to perform such an action. 



Can a User's Community Identity and their level of certification be added as columns here (see picture)?  My thought is that my company wants Designer users to be Core Certified as a best practice and this would give us a way to monitor that.  








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