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Hi there,


The login to the community goes through the Gallery - which is a problem for folks in locked-down corporate environments (in our firm, the URL is locked down so that there can be no leakage of intellectual property) - as a result, none of us can log into the community site ( and sign in as ourselves from work.


Would it be possible to replicate the login URL so that if I'm logging in from the Community it punches me through to instead of   You could use the same authentication and the same credentials in the background, but at least then we'd be able to log into the community from the office and contribute to questions and discussions?


Thank you



It would be a large convenience for Alteryx to offer one sign-in with Microsoft Azure? (i.e. if someone is logged into the EY network and navigated to they would automatically be signed in). This would be particularly useful for strategic partners of Alteryx as they could better track who is certified and who has taken which Alteryx Academy trainings as all users would map to the work email.


The weekly challenges provide such a rich resource for strengthening your Alteryx abilities but for new uses a lot of time is spent merely collecting the older challenges to work on them.  I would suggest creating a page with all of the start files, and a page with all of the solution files so that all of the challenges can be downloaded from a single location.  This would also provide an opportunity for a new weekly challenge to build a workflow that downloads challenges within a specified range, create windows folders for each week, and cleanse the pesky underscores from the front and end of many of the files.