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I think it would be great to have badge(s) for the interactive lessons. They are a really great tool for people to learn about the tool, so badges could recognize folks who've invested the time to complete it.



In user profile, users could add how many hours a week Alteryx has saved them.


Great for marketing!


Hello - I am attaching a mock workflow below. I have been having trouble using the join tool to match data from two excel files. The only "identical" column is name, but because the first file has middle names, hyphens. I end up having a lot of fallout in the left and right join tool. There is at least 10,000 rows of names to go through and I tried using the multi-row formula/different ways to parse data, but then it does not split the names correctly. Can someone please help me with this?


I want the names to be fully capital (easily done using the formula tool). However, I not sure which tools of alteryx to use after. 

Video Documentation

More vlogs on the usage of all Alteryx tools will be awesome. Some tools do not have example of its usage so more documentations most especially video documentations (vlog)  will be helpful


First of all, I want to say that I am very much enjoying the Academy Interactive Lessons. I would like to request that, upon completion of a lesson, the icons for the tools used in the lesson be added to the tile for quick visual reference. It seems simple in the example below, but would be helpful in the later lessons that use 2+ tools to execute actions.



Similar to the weekly challenge camping badges that are given based on the number of completed by a member , there should be badges given to members who submit ideas for weekly challenges that in turn get accepted ! I know all of us get some sort of kick out of those badges and this will definitely encourage more members to contribute to the weekly challenge 🙂


I'd really like to see a data release schedule posted right where data download page is.  I have searched for "data release schedule" on Alteryx site, but nothing pop up.  I think it is somewhere as I have seen it before, but it is not easily found.  And I'd like this to be a regular production post so we don't have to look or ask for it every year/quarter/month.  That way, I don't have to keep emailing if there will be any data refresh to fulfillment or client services.  The schedule should be posted right where we are looking for data.  


While taking the certification exam, as well as when doing quizzes after tutorials, I have noticed that I cannot see that the radio button is selected.
I am color blind, so I am not sure if this is due to the color used or if the button indicator isn't dark enough.

If someone could please address this, it would help out a lot!


Thank you,

Jason R.S.