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Apologies for posting this in the community ideas forum - couldn't find a better location.


There are a rich collection of Alteryx Tools which are housed in the public Gallery - and a sub-set of these are created by and certified by Alteryx.   Could we provide a mechanism to filter to only show these Alteryx Certified assets so that we can see which have the high level of trust?


Many thanks




This idea isn't my own. If I remembered correctly, it was mentioned by @MarqueeCrew. I hope he will not have anything against me posting it here 😀

In short, we don't have functionality in the community that would allow us to follow specific users. I think we have a couple of stars in the community that share quality content, and it would be amazing to receive a notification if they started a new topic or post a new article.

To my best knowledge, functionality like this should be relatively easy to implement, and it would allow us to learn best practices from those stars that we are following.


I think it would cool if we would make some enchantments in the area of creating new topics. I hope this topic will be a good conversation starter about how this should exactly look like.

In my opinion, the current format for creating new topics could be enhanced. The current recommendations don't have sufficient information to identify if this recommendation is relevant for me.

Suppose the recommendation would show like four first rows of text. Thanks to this small change, we could make it more useful. Sometimes, people don't search for the answer before posting a new topic, and it would be great if they could found a solution without creating a new post.




If other people have more ideas regarding creating new topics please feel free to share them here. 


Hello Alteryx Team,


I know that there is an option to add the badge to LinkedIn but nowadays there are a lot of companies that are usign more and more the Credly platform to check your certifications.


The idea, is that the Alteryx certification badgeds will be added to your Credly Acclaim profile. I think it's not good that there is another company offering this badgeds in this platform, should be the Alteryx Community.

I was looking through the ideas sections and noticed @Shifty 's idea here:

This related to solutions on the community, but as he mentions:


PS/ not sure where I should've put this Idea because it doesn't relate to an Alteryx product.  There didn't seem to be a category for Community Ideas as far as I could see.



And i had the same problem with this idea! If i need to raise an idea about the community, or about the Alteryx Website, it would be nice to have a section for this too rather than defaulting to the 'Designer' space, for questions about the community/website/otherwise.



Hi @WillM and Community-Team,


today I went to the ideas section and wanted to look if someone already posted tool improvements for the 'Test'-Tool. Therefore I used the Search and tried to narrow the results like this:




While the first look is promising, most of the posts do not talk about the Test-Tool itself, but other tools/improvements.


Would it be possible to add another label "Tools" to actually select the exact tool(s) that we are referencing in the posts? This would also be an amazing feature for developers / product managers to see which tools get the most ideas, summed up likes, etc.


I'd be willing to help categorize all 3000-4000 ideas that we currently have in the Designer Ideas section to get all old ideas categorized appropriately*. For all new posts, the community manager that checks / comments the idea, should check if the users added this himself or if not, add it. If this is too much work, I'd also be willing to help categorize new ideas on a weekly basis. 


*Other ACEs might as well help categorize, but if not, I don't mind spending a weekend to get this right.


Note: It has too be a label, that allows to select 0-n tools, because not all posts talk about tool improvements, but others talk about multiple. Because of the zero possibility, this has to be a non-mandatory field.





I write blog posts in the french community and once they are posted I can't edit them. Maybe this is the same for all communities.


It would be useful for the author to be able to edit blog posts after it has been posted.


The same goes for Knowledge base articles.



The 2021 Alteryx INSPIRE conference wrapped up this week. There were lots of inspiring presentations. Along the way I picked up the latest Tips & Tricks document prepared by Stephane Portier. This title has been a regular INSPIRE feature at past conferences and each issue contained a mix of valuable secrets and shortcuts to make the Alteryx experience even better.


This time the title is a little misleading. What Stephane has created is a very complete and organized guide to best practices for developers working with the Alteryx Developer application.


Stephane makes a strong case for developers to take the extra effort and attention needed to create robust, well documented and maintainable workflows that will evolve over time as requirements change and data sources morph.


He has drawn attention to the specific features and approaches that lead to the creation of structured workflows that can be easily understood and audited.  He provides guidance on techniques that work to maximize quality deliverables, yet minimize the effort needed to get there.  It is a gem.


Everyone wanting to do serious work with Alteryx Designer should keep this document handy.


I have attached a copy and encourage you to read it from end to end.


I encourage the editors of the Community to give this document a prominent position on the site. In addition, to encourage best practices across the community,  I can imagine a contest being created where the winners would be those who could best demonstrate following the advice given in this guide.


Hello - the added feature to show the designer tool detail of the four highly used tools (Join, Formula, Filter, and Summarize tool) is an incredible addition to Connect functionality. Can this functionality expand to the In-DB version of the same tools? We leverage In-DB when possible to utilize the processing power of the database. Adding this as well to Connect would be a huge benefit to see the complete picture of a workflow.




It's related with the "Discussions".

I noticed that we do not have any section to add TAGS or Labels while replying to a post.


Something could be added like below:




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