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As of now, if a community member has to access the community, there are 2 ways:


1. Log in to the website from Desktop

2. Log in to the website from Mobile


When we are working on Alteryx workflows, it makes sense that accessing from Desktop is the best.


But when we are away from Desktop and having a conversation on a thread, it get's really bad from a user experience perspective that we have to go to browser, login and then access the community.


I think Alteryx should develop iOS and Android App for the community. It will increase the engagement of community members considerably.





Lets hope that 

Making new groups and working on some tools and learning about that tools and related information by making this will help new joiners and students to improve their skills and knowledge in alteryx software development projects and making it possible to work with alteryx easy and flexible..

Let's make sure to join in the team group and learn more .... Thanks if you are agree with the topic like this or else just live it... 👍 


I often access the Alteryx community on-the-go and find myself using the forums quite a lot on mobile. There have been several instances where I have replied to a post and then needed to edit this afterwards. Without waiting to get to my laptop, I have so far found that the only option I have is to post another reply correcting my original post. Unless I'm missing something, I can't seem to find any functionality to simply 'edit' posts on mobile and from a search of existing posts/ideas, I can't find anything else requesting this. Apologies in advance if I have simply missed something here!





Hi there community team,


We've discussed this before but I wanted to re-raise this for consideration.


The Alteryx Community is super important to the alteryx platform and it is a big part of why people love and buy Alteryx.

The question is how we make this more available and convenient for people to use and be a part of.


Part of the solution seems to be offering the mobile experience - the underlying technology for community.alteryx.com (khoros) does have a mobile app - and it seems that by making community available in more places and in more ways it will allow more folk to contribute.


Is this something that we can consider for this year?


thank you


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