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Package all Alteryx sanctioned Gallery Macros for distribution

Looking at the Gallery - there are dozens of great macros and tools and connectors which have been built and provided by Alteryx.


However for large enterprise clients - it becomes difficult to distribute these tools because every tool has to be downloaded; repacked for the internal environment; and then distributed, and so as a result these are not able to be used or appreciated by large clients because of this overhead of packaging.


There's an easy way round this - which is to do a daily package (automated) of the gallery assets provided by Alteryx, and make this available for download - that way, enterprise admins can then download the latest version of the Alteryx connectors; predicitve tools etc.        


Is this something we could look into?

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14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Great Idea Sean!

I found myself spending some valuable time downloading and installing macros from the gallery, everytime I setup a new Designer or Server environment.

My 2 cents on this:

There are at least 4 main types of Macros in the Gallery, with many sub-types:

- Alteryx developed and mantained

- User Created (but Alteryx verified content)

- User Created (no Alteryx verifications)

- Partner Promotional Macros (That eventualy leads you to "paid" content)


I'd go with at least the 3 first types, everyone with it's own disclaimer/clarifyng note (Like "Install this at your own risk" or something).


On installer size concerns, this may be a separate one that doesn't affect main products installers?