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Collecting Alteryx Community (Self) Data

I've posted here on the General sub:


First off, I would like to thank @simonaubert_bd for his fantastic workflow. He has put together a workflow that scrapes through the Alteryx community profile to gather all the badges one has acquired. 


I've added on to his version by picking out the User ID and User Rank as well for a full view. 


It would be great if this could be packaged into the Alteryx workflow as part of the Alteryx Designer app so that users everywhere can benefit from this. 


The benefits are most profound when you want:

  1. A way to measure your team's Alteryx progress via the Community
  2. Marking it as part of a KPI as part of performance reviews or to serve as justification to maintain license

Of course, there are many more reasons and I am sure that the community will improve on the workflow further to include other items as well. 


A time-series component of when the badges were earned or even user activeness in postings, comments, likes, etc. can also be measured. 


There's a thousand ways to take this, and I think it is worth sharing with the community as an idea!


Thanks all!



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17 - Castor
17 - Castor

@gawa あなたの仕事についてアイデアを提供してくれてありがとう。私も似たようなことをやったことがありますが、ウィークリー・チャレンジやそれを視覚化するダッシュボードを含めるほどではありませんでした。あなたの仕事をPDFでシェアしてくれたことへの感謝とともに、ここでの私の貢献があなたの助けになることを願っています!