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User Management

Hello, I would like improved user management features and/or training


  • Display 100 does not seem to work consistently
  • Click /navigate from user to user – once I select a user would like to go to next user
  • Changes I make with filters refresh every time I go back – which means I have to constantly reset my view in between each user
  • Modify user settings in collections – would like to modify user settings instead of delete and re add user



6 - Meteoroid

Update - for the display 100 - would like to set as a default so that I do not have to keep resetting this

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We appreciate the feedback. We've been working on improving this user interface in a lot of ways, and while we haven't necessarily addressed all of these in the way you'd like, most of these requested changes have been dealt with in some way or another.

  • Paging is fixed in 2020.4
  • Navigate from user to user is not necessary if you use custom user groups and modify them all together
  • Changes in filters - we had to remove the filters, but we can search and sort
  • Modifying user settings is possible from the interface without removing and re-adding since 2020.3.
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Implemented

As John stated, this feature was included in several updates across the 2020.X series and was completed in version 2020.4 of Server! As such I'm updating this idea to Implemented. Thank you for your feedback and ideas!