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Add support for In-DB connection in Gallery Data Connections for collaboration

Currently Alteryx 11.x+ does not support Gallery data connections for In-DB connections, it would be nice to have these In-DB connections on Gallery thus providing ability to easily collaborate with others when using these In-DB connections. Right now we are saving to .indbc file and sharing that file.


Making in-DB connection available and shareable on Gallery would be a great improvement in connection management!

Not only would it provide great connection management but would enable more complete product functionality as In-DB tools are faster and more versatile to create Analytical Apps than Input Data Tools. In-DB tools are indispensable to make SQL queries dynamic and filter by user at runtime, the alternative many times is to incorporate filters into the SQL of the Input Data Tool and makes functionality rigid instead of flexible. Any tool that enables complex DB connectivity should have a counterpart on the Server side.