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Allow In-DB tools to use Shared Gallery Data Connections

The shared data connections from the Gallery have been very helpful in centralizing data connection information between desktop users and their workflows when saved to the Gallery. The In-DB tools currently cannot take advantage of the Gallery Data Connections and require a completely separate setup that is both confusing and adds additional connection management work for creation/password changes. 


It would be a great enhancement to Alteryx if all connections for the different types of tools could be centrally managed from the shared Data Connections manager found in the Gallery.


Best regards,


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @simonaubert_bd  and all on this thread,


I am the PM for the Data Connectors. We are working on bringing all the different connection and alias managers under one roof. We want to start with an MVP dealing with passwords (something like a synchronized Alteryx password manager), but the concept is designed for handling the credentials and connections (borrowing from the DCM (Data Connection Manager) in AAH).


The In-DB connections will be handled inside this new "manager" as well, essentially implementing this idea.


I cannot speak deadlines, but the MVP (passwords) should be quite close. Hopefully, the full solution will then follow in not-so-distant future as well.



13 - Pulsar

Hello @bora_perusic 

Great news ! I created a related idea on this topic in early 2020, but knowing it's a huge work, I didn't expect a delivery soon. Good to see you're active on it. 🙂

Best regards,


5 - Atom

Hi @bora_perusic do you have any update on this idea?