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User Interface - Schedules --- Sorting/Filtering Capabilities



The schedules page on server needs an overhaul.  Sorry to be so blunt but it is awful.  It is by far the worst aspect of Alteryx and one of the most important at the same time.


Here are a few points about it...

1.) Sorting needs to be fixed as it doesn't work correctly (sorting on the first column, "Workflow", returns items that start with 'L', 'S' and a zero as the first three on the list), so looking for 1 scheduled item across 10+ pages of schedules becomes a "needle in a haystack" endeavor.


2.) There are no search and/or filter capabilities which would help alleviate the pain-point mentioned above.


3.) [Missing] items automatically removed from schedule when the workflow is removed from the server.  It just jumbles up the screen with useless information.


4.) The 'Schedule' column doesn't need to reflect the name again like the 'Workflow' column. is a hyperlink and the other isnt.  I cant tell you how many times I have clicked on the wrong hyperlink only to have to go back and deal with point #1 all over again.  Can't it just be a simple calendar icon or something like that next to the Workflow name?


5.) While not as critical, but more of a 'nice to have' function.  An ability to export the list of schedules would be helpful.  If we ever need to divy up work for an employee that leaves the company it would be a good way to see all of the work they have out there and mark up the list to distribute info for reassignment purposes, etc. 


I am sure there are other aspects I am missing, but here are the most important ones to me as an end-user (Not an Admin)


Thanks for listening.  🙂

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

hi @DanielG, thanks for posting your feedback; I appreciate the thoroughness.

5 - Atom


I agree 100% with @DanielG comments and pain point summary.  I would also add the following to the list.

 - I don't see any way to modify the view, in other words, add or remove the columns I am interested in when using the Interface, and adjust the column widths to something useable.   For example, I usually don't care about about the AMP/Priority/Last Run / Next Run/Status.  This takes up valuable real estate on the screen.    Instead,  I really need to see Full Name of the Schedule, and the Workflow, without having to hover over it.   These key fields are only given about 10-15 characters of real estate , and they don't wrap text , like the less important fields do.    I would love to know if there are plans to improve the UX, and the timeline.   Cheers Neil