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Transfer Gallery to Other Users

When an artisan moves positions (within or external) away from their current responsibilities, their collections and workflows should be able to be transferred via an administrator to another user.

10 - Fireball

The way workflow documents are stored in MongoDB, you're playing with fire. From what I can gather, if the workflow and associated files are big, it'll be chunked into smaller pieces and stored as multiple documents in several other collections. This is better solved with Alteryx providing a solution that fixes this problem.

10 - Fireball
 This idea is still in the works here at Alteryx. We hope to have a feature like this in the near future. Thanks for your patience. 

A concept that can solve the world's problems but works great everywhere inside of a lab. 

7 - Meteor

seems like this request has been made for years. Still nothing on this or did I miss an update?