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Saving blank name workflow

Apparently I click too fast sometimes when saving a project, but there are a number of times where the workflow name hasn't populated when saving to the gallery and it ends up saving a blank file name. This is a pain because I can't do anything with the one in the gallery because there is nowhere to click on it, so I can't use the replace function and have to re-save it and re-add it back into any collections that it was in.


I realize that I just need to slow down, but I do this frequently enough where it absolutely drives me crazy. Being able to change file names in the gallery would be a big plus instead of just using the replace option.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hello! Thank you for your feedback!


I've moved this idea over to the Server idea board since it appears to be a request pertaining to Gallery and have updated the labels to match. If you haven't gotten the chance yet, please be sure to look over our Submission Guidelines, which go over the idea boards process.


7 - Meteor

Agree. This is a problem for many of our users and then they are unable to change the name in Server. This becomes a big problem when they need to redeploy because now they have to deploy to that WorkflowName or else their WorkflowID will change causing trickle down to SDLC of workflows.

8 - Asteroid

The only short-term fix I know is:

  • Open the workflow
  • Save the file locally with the name you want
  • Save it back to the server
  • Add it to collections that it belongs in
  • Add back any schedules it belongs to
  • Delete the old version

The impact:

  • You lose version history
  • You lose run history
  • Additional time to add to collections and reschedule
  • You may have links that need to be updated
7 - Meteor

@CharltonFranklin The missing workflow name, on Server, means you can't select to open/download it.  The only way I know how to retrieve the name get it from MongoDB as an Admin. If there was a way to at least retrieve the name or have the Admins identify the workflows with missing names, perhaps they couple be down loaded for us.  Then they could be opened and repaired before they are sent back to Server. Even if the workflow is executed on Server, if there is no output being displayed on Server, the Workflow Result are also missing.  If, however, you enter an Option Job name before execution, the workflow results will be available for viewing.  The Workflow name is still missing but you can at least determine what the workflow does based on the Workflow Results.  Adding @JustinBabbitt to follow thread.

7 - Meteor

@KylieF  This appears to be a bug and not an enhancement request.  Rather than submitting as a Server Enhancement idea, shouldn't a support ticket be opened?


9 - Comet

Looks like there might be a bug logged for this.


TCPE-142: Workflows being published to Gallery wit... - Alteryx Community