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Make it possible to delete a co-workers workflow on the gallery without workaround!

Hi all,


I've found, i guess, a bug on the Gallery. It's not really an issue as we've found a workaround for it. 

Whenever you're in need to delete a workflow that is owned by your co-worker, the Gallery doesn't let you instantly delete it (yes, we're in the same private studio) (screenshot 1).

To work around this issue, you just have to replace the specific workflow by a random workflow you own (basically i just upload a workflow with a browse tool in it, screenshot 2). 

When replaced, you get the god power to delete the workflow and thus also deleting the workflow of your co-worker. 

It would be convenient if i could just delete the workflow without this workaround tough :-)!.


Screenshot 1 - Not being able to delete a workflow owned by a co-worker.




Screenshot 2 - After replacing the workflow by a random workflow....