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Single password change... for everything

The idea is to store credentials, login/pw in a "credential alias".


Then, those credential aliases can be used in :

-traditional aliases/connection

-in database aliases/connection

-hdfs aliases/connection


-on user aliases for connected controllers/gallery



The idea is that I only have to change the credentials once for all the connection type (on Hive, I have the in db alias, the traditional alias and even an HDFS alias using exactly the same credentials !! and I have to change all that manually).


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hey @saubert


This capability is available on the server for database connections - and I agree that this needs to be extended to cover APIs; sharepoint; network shares etc.

Have a look at the ideas logged under the Server ( and you can contribute your thoughts to these threads too?




Status changed to: Accepted

Our product team is very interested in including this feature into the product, and we've started the preliminary work to do so. So I'm updating this idea to accepted. However, please note that this is a large feature enhancement and will take some time to properly implement into the product. We'll update this idea again once we get closer to the release of this feature.