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Ability to create sub-collections

Given the security requirements of our company collections need to be created centrally, which is fine for sub-organizations that only require one collection. However, the large sub-orgs require more than 1 collection, ideally we would create the top-level collection and give the sub-org the access to create their own sub-collection within that collection, but not the ability to create collections at the top-level.

6 - Meteoroid

My interpretation, but deferring to the author, is that it's simply an additional organization level underneath the parent collection and/or studio.  Permissions would be maintained at the role/collection level, but just as a way to organize assets (instead of a full and exhaustive list by name)


Collection_A / Scheduled_ETL_Workflows / Workflows

Collection_A / Scheduled_Analytic_Workflows / Workflows
Collection_A / Applications_for_Department_A_Team_A / Workflows
Collection_A / Applications_for_Department_A_Team_B / Workflows
Collection_A / Manual_ETL_Workflows / Workflows

Collection_A / Manual_Analytic_Workflows / Workflows

Collection_A / etc...

All persons who have been assigned the role connected to "Collection A" can see everything in the folders, but would know what "workflows/applications" are for them by folder.

Hope that makes sense from my perspective.  @markashman was that what you were thinking?

8 - Asteroid



Not quite, structure wise what you have above is correct. Yes, for some clients I imagine that is all they want, including ourselves for some collections. However, in addition to being able to inherit the security I would also like to be able to override it to delegate authority.


I.e. there is a master list of collections created at admin level, say





Only the admin can add / remove collections at this level but can give collection a new role that is a subcollection admin, that allows them to create subcollections underneath and administrate themselves, so:




Sort of thing, hope that makes sense. So it is a combination of dividing content into logical containers and subcontainers, but also a way of delegating control of content at the subfolder level. As the Finance admin can do what they want with their subcollections but not the subcollections of other master collections which they cannot even see.


@markashman @jrlindem 

Thank you both for your replies!


Current state

Currently, we are able to give a user in a collection an "Admin" role, specific to that collection.

A "collection admin" can be assigned to multiple users within a collection.

Being a "collection admin" automatically allows them to add, remove and update assets, as well as add + remove users.


Future state

Q1: If we created sub collections, would we also want to create a "sub collection admin", with the same permissions as the current "collection admin"? 


Would it just be adding one more permission to the "collection admin" permissions, which would be to allow them to create sub-collections?

8 - Asteroid

It would be an additional option that can be granted to a user/group alongside the standard "Add Asssets", "Remove Assets" etc of "Subcollections Admin", allowing them to create/update/delete subcollections, but not change the parent collection. The exist "Admin" permission would still allow for changes to be made both at parent and child collection levels.

6 - Meteoroid

I really like the direction markashman is headed with his suggestion.  Mine sounds related but different.  I'll let the focus remain on the author's ask and clarity and open new suggestion/thread for my "simpler" ask.


If you'd like to support folders within Workspace & Collections, check out this suggestion:  Allow Folders within Collections and Workspaces for Organization 

13 - Pulsar

This is a great idea!


@jrlindem Once something is accepted we treat it as an idea that we have "accepted" and therefore added to our backlog for future release.

11 - Bolide

As we try to flesh out our SDLC environment something like sub-collections would be amazing. Big upvote!

6 - Meteoroid
Status changed to: Under Review