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Open Alteryx Server Custom Group Management APIs

Open Custom Group management internal API's for Curators (or those with Admin Secret/Keys)

  • GET .../gallery/api/usergroups/   --> Get all Groups
  • POST .../gallery/api/usergroups/   --> Add new custom group
  • POST .../gallery/api/usergroups/<GroupID>/members/    --> Add a group member
  • Get .../gallery/api//usergroups/<GroupID>/ --> Get Group Details

If your server is on SAML, you can't leverage any AD group for granting access to resources. The new custom group feature is a help, but still requires you to manually add groups and member users, so it doesn't scale for large organizations (too much management overhead).

Having the internal APIs exposed would allow me to do my own group sync tool, synching members between Custom and AD groups of the same name. 


As a server Admin, I'd like to be able to do via APIs all that I can do via the Server Admin UI. This other idea was recently accepted for opening the collections APIs for Admin, it would be great if both Collections and Groups management were opened on the same upcoming release.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@aplima You are reading my mind on these usergroups API endpoints...literally. Are you a psychic? We are definitely on the page about this. And I love your idea for a syncing script. 

7 - Meteor

@JohnPelletier The only thing blocking the automation is the wait for Alteryx to open the APIs (and a server upgrade of course, but that's faster), this whole process of having others to vote on ideas to get attention for my feature request really annoys me. Never had to do that for other products I own in my company, I'm used to follow our internal channels to have our feature requests reaching out to the Product Managers, yeah I know, maybe I was spoiled by the other vendors given our size on their platforms. I understand we're still starting with Alteryx and might eventually get there, it might be just my anxiety speaking since I already have all the logic and other pieces for creating the sync tool, just can't do it because of the APIs unavailability.

I can even use an Alteryx Server scheduled workflow to sync the groups. We already use a custom macro to query for users in AD groups for many things, so the Workflow based solution may be the path forward, since it should be faster to develop than via PowerShell/scheduled task. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@aplima  Allow me to introduce myself properly...I am the product manager for Alteryx Server, so you have direct access to the product management team, you have brought attention to this request and fortunately, we are already trying to make your dream a reality. Serendipity! 😁

Thanks for being a patient customer. Let's keep in touch and if/when you see the result, let me know what you think.

7 - Meteor

@JohnPelletier Oh, what a great surprise! 😂. Can't wait to see the result, will be counting the days for the release announcement and will be more than happy to provide feedback.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

This idea has been accepted as a candidate for future release! While we cannot provide an ETA at this time on when this feature will be released we'll do our best to update this idea once information is available.