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Search functionality on Schedules tab in Alteryx gallery to search and display schedules

Hi Alteryx support team,


We would like to use the search functionality available in the schedules tab of Alteryx gallery and when anyone searches the schedule by typing the name in search box on schedules tab, he/she should get list of the results along with the schedule information such as frequency of schedule, times run etc.


As of now, when one searches results are displayed as jobs and their run history.


Case reference -  Alteryx, Inc Case # 00606791




9 - Comet

@Milant YES!!!!!! I'm in a shared studio with 22 pages of schedules and I spend way too much time clicking next through all those pages. For a while I've been keeping an Excel file with links to all of my schedules so I can filter that and link right to the schedule I need.

11 - Bolide

Great Idea!

8 - Asteroid

Guess what was removed on the latest Server version 2022.3.1.450? The schedule results within the Workflow page. The My Jobs and Jobs Shared with Me tabs were removed. If you need to troubleshoot any failed jobs: Job results are only visible by going to Schedules, scrolling through hundreds of objects to find the one you need and selecting into it. The sort Schedule doesn't alphabetize the name, I believe because it goes off a MongoID which resets each time you upgrade Server. So we have pages where the sorting will 'start over'.


You could add all your schedules to a Collection and search that way too.


Alteryx -- Please add a Search bar in the Schedules page on the non-admin gallery! This was added in the Admin view for the latest server release, where job results are not visible. Job results are only visible on non-admin Gallery. Why it wasn't also implemented on regular Gallery is a mystery.

6 - Meteoroid

Alteryx, take a page from Tableau Server and simply have a single search box that searches the entire site and returns all results in each category (workflow, schedules, etc.).  If you choose to have the result set columnized then make sure every column can be sorted!

9 - Comet
Status changed to: Under Review