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Power Automate Integration



I think it would be extremely useful to be able to trigger an Alteryx workflow using Power Automate. 


The main benefit I see at the moment is automatically triggering an Alteryx workflow when the input data has been refreshed.


This would also enable a Power App to be added directly to Power Bi which can simply be clicked to re-run an Alteryx workflow then refresh the Power Bi dataset. 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for your feedback!


We appreciate all the feedback we get on how we can improve users automation and experience with scheduling workflows. It looks like you're relatively new to the idea boards (welcome!) so if you haven't yet be sure to check out our Submission Guidelines as they go over the process after an idea is submitted as well as we need from user engagement on an idea.

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

When you want the integration with Power Automate is this to trigger a local workflow on designer or to trigger something on server? If it is on server then is there a way you could make a POST api call to pass the parameter and trigger the workflow (I'm not familiar with Automate so haven't explored this personally).


8 - Asteroid

I want to be able to trigger a workflow on the server. I'm not familiar with the API calls but it's interesting to know the capability might already be there.  

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

If you check this link out it will show the documentation for the server.


To trigger a workflow via an API you need:

1) App ID and the question parameters you want to pass

2) The response from this to get the job ID and output ID

3) Then this can be used to retrieve the response.


This post by @patrick_digan is also really good for understanding the API calls and responses. It mean you can test triggering a Alteryx server workflow from Designer, and then it might be possible to replicate that in Power Automate, to kick off the workflow on server and then pull the response back to server. 


I'd be keen to hear how you get on with it.