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Grid View for Collections

In our private studios and in our home page we see our workflows in grid view by default and can toggle that to list view if we want. 

BUT we can only see our collections and the workflows in them in list view.


Please can you add the ability to view our collections in grid view?

5 - Atom

We have the same issue.  Users with smaller screen are not able to see the whole collection name in list view, and the columns cannot be resized to make the name visable.  Please add the grid (tile) view back!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for your feedback and idea!


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8 - Asteroid

love how the response to this was to take away grid view in the places that had it...instead of adding it to the places that didn't


9 - Comet

I have to agree that the development team on the UI don't seem to test on real life data with real life management tasks. Or if they do they are finding it surprisingly difficult, to me, to provide solutions.


We still don't have default sorting on many pages which means sorting the name column every time you go to the page and every time it refreshes because you looked at the page for an object in the list and then came back to the list screen :(