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Gallery: Allow a team to see each others' schedules and run history

I have three team members all in the same private studio. We can see each others' workflows. However, when looking at a workflow that another team member has published to the gallery, it looks like:

  1. The workflow has never been run
  2. The workflow is not scheduled to run

This is a massive impediment to collaboration because my team handles ETL for most of the company. If a user complains that their data isn't up to date, whoever receives that support ticket needs to be able to see if the workflow is actually running and whether it was successful or had an error during the last run.

Preventing a team from seeing this for each others' workflow schedules and results means that the only person who can deal with an issue is the person who originally made the workflow. Which makes the idea of a shared private studio wholly pointless as we may as well be operating in different universes.


Please create a studio-level setting where all members of a studio can see all schedules and results of all workflows in that studio.

11 - Bolide

I would like to have this as a general feature for any workflow, so I can decide on sharing history and results on a per-workflow and per-user basis. As well as for collections.


Currently, the Alteryx Server does not really work well for collaborating on workflows. There is a lot to be desired if multiple users are creating and using workflows. A shared history of workflows would help a lot!

11 - Bolide

 Another vote for allowing all members of a Private Studio to administer "shared schedules". Thanks!

5 - Atom
This is critical to the way my team operates. If the developer of the workflow is out of office, it's extremely difficult to troubleshoot without being able to see the results of a workflow. I was very surprised this wasn't a feature of Alteryx Server. My team also shares workflows quite frequently, where several people may make small changes or enhancements and then re-schedule the job. How will the rest of the team know which version was last scheduled???
7 - Meteor
Would it be possible to have an option: Do we want the owners to see the schedule run details, or all members within the collection --> So we can custom handle based on private studio requirements.
8 - Asteroid

This would be very beneficial to have all users of a studio manage the schedules regardless of the who originally created the schedule.

5 - Atom

This feature is crucial to my team. Without it we have very limited visibility on which workflows are running.

9 - Comet

I think this should be an essential feature of the tool. Most server deployments if not all are highly collaborative.

5 - Atom
Just started sharing a studio with another co-worker in order to back each other up and I was really surprised the schedules are not visible to him. Can we get this in the next version? It is crucial for collaboration. Thanks!
5 - Atom

Another vote for this enhancement.  Ran into this challenge yesterday while debugging an issue with a scheduled workflow. Couldn't see any of the logs to help troubleshoot. 

5 - Atom

Agreed -- Having the ability to share schedules should be on the front-end of new enhancements.