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Global Switch to Disable Gallery Schedules

When restoring an Alteryx Gallery instance to a second box for test & dev it's highly likely that you don't want all your workflows scheduled from your production instance to run in your secondary instance.


However there doesn't currently seem to be a kill switch that you can implement up front to stop your scheduled workflows from running. The only way to disable scheduled workflows in your test gallery is to manually delete them all, which is annoying when you have hundreds.


It would be great to have a config flag to disable scheduled workflows before the service is started.


Yes Please

Alteryx Partner

I agree fully!!


Catching up on this thread - has this option been considered in current releases?   This is an outstanding application enhancement to pursue and I currently have the need to perform said task.

On the flip side -  is there a mongodb administration command that can perform the same theory to the scheduler table within the database?



This is absolutely needed!


Any updates on this topic?


I ( and my colleagues) would like this feature to be implemented on Server as it takes up too much time disabling and re-enabling all scheduled workflow whenever maintenance needs to be carried out, etc.


I've also looked into the MongoDB side of things for a disabling/enabling schedules but wasn't able to find a solution.


@Alteryx : Can the addition of this feature be considered please? 🙂 Thanks.


as an example:  we are experiencing an issue that, once it occurs, requires cleanup of the mongodb and use of the rebuild gallery application (provided by alteryx support).  the rebuild gallery app connects with a controller token.  since our primary node runs the controller, a worker and an instance of the gallery, i am forced to reconfigure the node with the system settings utility to deselect the worker component.  otherwise, all the jobs that have not completed will hit these queues (which you don't want during a rebuild).  seems a trivial thing to add a command line parameter to   alteryxservice start | test | testdebug   to disable/enable the worker (or, perhaps, the gallery).  there's a lot of opportunity to vastly improve the flexibility of the alteryxservice command line options.