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Gallery: Allow a team to see each others' schedules and run history

I have three team members all in the same private studio. We can see each others' workflows. However, when looking at a workflow that another team member has published to the gallery, it looks like:

  1. The workflow has never been run
  2. The workflow is not scheduled to run

This is a massive impediment to collaboration because my team handles ETL for most of the company. If a user complains that their data isn't up to date, whoever receives that support ticket needs to be able to see if the workflow is actually running and whether it was successful or had an error during the last run.

Preventing a team from seeing this for each others' workflow schedules and results means that the only person who can deal with an issue is the person who originally made the workflow. Which makes the idea of a shared private studio wholly pointless as we may as well be operating in different universes.


Please create a studio-level setting where all members of a studio can see all schedules and results of all workflows in that studio.

5 - Atom

Totally agreed on this feature enhancement. Its ironic that this piece is still missing. All members/users of a shared Private Studio should also see and amend changes to Scheduled workflows. We have a team that support scheduling workflows for production instance. The team is able to view the workflows fine because they are part of the same Private Studio but they can't view the schedules of the same workflow set by others. They are waiting on the original user who had setup the schedule to enable and set the workflow active every time there is a change to the workflow.


This is another feature request i would like to put in. Why would the workflow schedule become disabled every time there is a new version of a workflow? As long as the name of the workflow stays the same, the scheduler should not be made inactive. This is an extra step and requires the original user who had setup the original schedule to be available just to make it active again. This is getting a bottleneck for us.

7 - Meteor


6 - Meteoroid

Strongly agree! Whenever a team is working, such kind of feature is needed to allow for better collaboration and faster troubleshooting!

6 - Meteoroid

This is really crucial for our team. Shocked this was not a feature in Alteryx server.


Please prioritise. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@mkeller With the 2018.4 release Alteryx Server now supports the sharing of schedules among all users in a Studio, making workflow collaboration easier!


The 2018.4 release notes provide some more details on the 'Shared Studio Schedules and Results' feature and are located here:


Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

8 - Asteroid

Thanks @kly I was unaware of the update. Just so others don't have to dig to find where to enable this feature I added it below:


1) Log into to Gallery Admin

2) Select Subscriptions

3) Select the specific studio subscription you wish to share

4) At the bottom there is now a radio button to enable shared schedules

radio button.png


6 - Meteoroid

Thanks @kly !


And thanks, @jmelik for detailing the location.

9 - Comet

This is great news @kly. Now to see when we can get upgraded to the new version.!!!

6 - Meteoroid

This feature is imperative to collaboration and project hand-off. Please develop!

6 - Meteoroid

Can I give this 10 stars?  This is a huge impediment to collaborating on a team, and a major shortcoming of this scheduler feature.