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File Browse Tool (Gallery) - Import a file without selecting a sheet/list of sheet names

While working in the Gallery, I think the file browse tool should allow the user to import a file without selecting a sheet or <list of sheet names> as is does locally.  


For example, I have created an app in which the user is able to import a file with multiple sheets, and all sheets are brought into separate input data tools with a single file browse tool (shown below).


Since the user does not select a sheet name, the file browse tool only brings in "SelectedFileName.xlsx|". The action tool is then set to replace a specific string "SampleFileName.xlsx|". This allows the input data tools to take this new file name, and add each respective sheet name to the end.


However, when working in the Gallery, the user is required to select a sheet name or list of sheet names, meaning a file browse tool is required for each sheet that you would like to import (shown below). This is a huge inconvenience for the application user, as they have to select the same file numerous times to import every sheet. 




Please let me know if you would like me to provide any more information, I would be happy to do so.




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I like this idea

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Agree - this would be quite helpful!

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Status changed to: Under Review

We are looking at updating how apps are handled in Server. Thanks for bringing this up; I'll be sure to include this concept in the discussion and let you all know if we end up moving forward with the concept.



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I have the same situation. Any update on this?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@rohan_tibarewala Not really. This is something being considered as part of a larger initiative. I'll be sure to update when we've decided if/how we're addressing this.

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Hi Guys,


any updates regarding this idea? Implementation of it would be very helpful & more efficient way of uploading one excel file with multiple sheets once instead of current approach presented by Matt.