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Alteryx Gallery - Make schedules searchable

This is a real flaw in the product (almost a bug), you cannot search for a schedule.  We have about 150 jobs scheduled to run daily.  If you want to amend the schedule you have to page next through all the schedules to find it.  If you search for the workflow name, you get the workflow screen which does not contain a link to the schedules.


Also add a link to the schedules for each job on the workflow page.  I.e. search for job ABC, see that it has 3 different schedules associated with it and be able to edit, or delete any of its schedules.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @spainn


As we look at the next generation of server capabilities - and specifically when we look at Connect - this feels like an important capability to get on the roadmap.

Essentially - an admin user should be able to navigate from the workflow to the related schedules; and from schedules to workflow.


Given the way that connect works (where it builds a graph of the relationships between Alteryx objects natively)  - this seems like a very good development for the server environment.


@SteveA @avinashbonu @DavidM @DavidS 

7 - Meteor

 This is a super important feature to have especially for those working with several flows and schedules. 

7 - Meteor

Just an addition here: Not only schedules, but also Jobs and Workflow results, should be searchable. It is a crucial functionality, especially for the one of us who work with a very high number of daily schedules.

9 - Comet

I know this idea is a little old and there is some search functionality for workflows, it would still be SUPER helpful if we could also use the search bar for apps and schedules! This should not just be an admin function, but a user should be able to search for and return all schedules they have access to through shared collections.