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Alteryx Admin Needs More Control

The admin (aka curator) needs to be given more control. The admin should have greater control than the users of the system.


My organization is in the Healthcare industry and we have HIPAA laws to abide by when it comes to data. Not all users should be able to see all data. Developers should not have complete control over the data they publish.


Private studio

  • admin should be able to control if users can publish to Alteryx gallery (compliant issues occur when our organization's data is shared to outside users)
  • admin should be able to control if user can publish to public gallery (compliant issues occur when all users can all see and run workflows)
  • admin should be able to delete subscriptions and users



  • admin should be able to create collections so they can manage the collections and what users have access to (devs should not be able to give any user access to their workflows)
  • admin should be able to control if users can create new collections (again, compliance issues)
  • admin should be able to grant and remove download of workflow rights
  • admin should be able to delete connections


Get tips from Tableau as they have admin controls down with their permissions process.