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Allow a workflow-specific setting "others may view previous executions/results"

The only reference I can find to this idea is here : .  It references that the feature of "sharing workflow results" was "on the Roadmap" in 2014.  I did some searching through the current Ideas page and cannot find anything.  I also reviewed the release notes since Alteryx 10.5 and cannot see that this was added.

A user approached me today with a problem of "Many people need access to the results of this data, and I want everyone to be able to see all the results".  While you could potentially email these results to a specified user set, that would require maintaining both a collection and an email tool in the job, and could potentially cause notification fatigue if users only care when they go to the Alteryx Gallery.  Similarly, results could be saved to a networked location, but that would require a user to go to two locations in order to find this information.

As such, having a toggle that allows users with permission to view a workflow, to also see the results of any/all users, would be huge. 

5 - Atom

Agree. We have similar use cases to allow others with permission to access the results. The whole team would need to use the data from the same workflow results. Instead of having each one of them run the workflow where we cannot control their inputs, we would like them to view the results and use the generated data from a previous run.


In addition, we need the system admins to be able to monitor workflow results.


So agree this would be huge. I was a bit surprised it is not a default functionality to allow owners to enable/disable others from viewing results.

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Agreed as well! Would be very helpful to know when the workflow was last run (scheduled or manual) so people aren't running the same workflow multiple/duplicate times. I have many cases where the workflow needs to be refreshed at least once daily and sometimes more after that and and it's hard to see who or when that workflow was last ran.

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This function would be really helpful for my organization to not do duplicate actions on running workflow. This should be a default functionality.

6 - Meteoroid

This functionality is quite common and need for sure.

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Indeed we also want to have this feature in upcoming release.


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I am getting similar request from business from last couple of months.

Would like to see this feature in upcoming version.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Comments Requested

Hey all,

We have functionality similar to this implemented, in which you can set up a studio so that all users within the studio are able to see each others schedules and jobs (visible under the Schedules and Workflow Results pages respectively).


Is the concern the granularity of control, in that you want to set this by workflow instead of by subscription? The fact that sharing is restricted to those in the same subscription? Or are there other concerns?




6 - Meteoroid

Hi Tanya,


The functionality you have mentioned is only allowing access to scheduled workflow results, but not the visibility of results of manual execution of Workflows.


Please enable manual workflow execution results visibility to other users in same studio.



Haribabu Muppaneni

14 - Magnetar

Hi Tanya,


This functionality is needed for individual workflows, not just subscriptions.

Additionally, it absolutely needs to be available outside of a subscription.  I often publish apps that are executed by different teams throughout the organization who would benefit from this.  At a minimum within server, having the ability to configure this by Collection is required.  It also needs to be fairly seamless - an app with this enabled should show (or allow to be shown) ALL executions/workflow results, and who ran them, right on the app itself.  Going to the main "workflow results" page is not effective since users may touch 10 or more alteryx apps in various areas during their job, all with differing frequency, so the master list is noisy and difficult to search.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello folks,

I'm happy to say that this functionality is possible today with modern versions of Server by simply adding the workflow and schedule to a collection and sharing that with users. No additional effort will be made here as we consider this idea implemented already. Thanks for your feedback!

cc @CristonS