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API for collections


We use external corporate scheduler and we would like to start scheduling Alteryx workflows in this way. However, collections don't have API which would simplify our way of running workflows which we are shared by the users. Are you planning to enable such feature?



Piotr Zawistowski

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Comments Requested

Hi @piotrzawistowski ,

We have some plans regarding endpoint extensions. What exactly are you looking for?




8 - Asteroid

Hi Tanya,

I want to trigger a workflow which is in Collection (using Collections' credentials). Now I need to ask a developer who prepared a workflow, to share their API credentials to his/her own studio.




5 - Atom

We would also like this feature. Currently, we have to share API credentials to a private studio to execute workflows. At the same time, this brings development to a halt in case the developer who published the workflow is out of office, as that is the only person who can modify the workflow.

6 - Meteoroid

From what I've read here: it seems like the notion of "studio" is going away and being replaced by the "Collection":


In a coming release, to streamline your asset management, subscriptions (studios) are going away. We recommend that you migrate your assets to Collections to prepare for this improvement. See Collections for more info

As a result, will "Collections" have an API that works much like the "Subscription" API?  We want to be able to move our workflow into a "Collection" that will grant the ability to kick-off those flows. From what I've read, a "Studio" would have achieved this in past releases, but

8 - Asteroid

Has this feature been developed? Looks like it is a big limitation of the collections.

Status changed to: Implemented