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Search Private Gallery window in Designer with ID of workflow (instead of just Name)

I have a lot of workflows in my Company's private gallery. Many are duplicates. I'm able to pull out a list of all the duplicate workflows with their name and ID. Currently, we can search by name, but even that isn't always accurate. If I just copy and paste a name with underscores, it generally won't be able to find the workflow - I'll need to use parts of the workflow to be able to search for it. Secondly, if I narrow down to the duplicates in the search, I can't tell which one is which. Being able to search by the ID would be an easy way to find the workflow immediately without worrying if the search will be able to accurately find the workflow name. I've posted a screenshot below of me searching for an App ID that ideally would be able to pull up the workflow I need.




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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi @Alekh, we appreciate your idea and feedback! We strive to improve our product and ensure our users are being heard. Make sure to check out our Submission Guidelines and check out ideas submitted by other users and the other idea boards.