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There needs to be a means for admin to transfer ownership of workflows and/or collections,  as the admin currently has no access to collections. If a user were to leave the company abruptly today, it would be a scramble and long manual process to try to identify, download, and resave all workflows that they may own.  It would not be possible to identify who had permissions to those workflows if they were maintained within a collection.

When users ask me to look at a collection to help them debug, I as a server administrator cannot see into it. Tableau Server seems to have this piece really well done with regard to projects. I can understand users not wanting admins to be able to run workflows but being able to see the collections on a server as well as their permissions could to help from creating many duplicate collections. The other piece that would be awesome is the ability to designate users as being able to run workflows in a collection. 


It would be good to expand the scope of the gallery "Admin/Curator" roles to be the admin of all the collections as well by default.


For instance, "Admin/Curator" should have access to all the collections created by artisan(s) by default (via the Collections tab**). Currently "artisans" manually need to add "Admins" to let them view the collection(s) that are being created. This also helps admins to view which collection is shared to which members etc.,




I really would like to connect to my gallery with my mobile phone;


  • select a few parameters and click on a big run button
  • automatically see the report results 
  • then share PDF as an e-mail or through whatsapp/slack whatever...


These are all doable in desktop environment but not in an Android or iPhone screen, see?


Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.42.46.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.44.32.pnghard to change parameters
Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.46.08.pngreport not fit... 













Why Can't Admin See all Studios ,Y

WhY restricted to one Studio?

Why can't a user be in Multiple studios? 

Adding functionality to the workflow scheduler on a server to allow the user to specify a time zone in conjunction with the date/time they input. Currently, it just uses the time zone of the location of the server. This can prove difficult for users who are in a different time zone from their server or who may not know what time zone their server is on. It seems like it would be simple to add a time zone drop-down menu that the scheduler would then be able to automatically adjust in the background to match the time zone of the server.

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