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allow save as to overwrite existing workflow with the same name

It would be great if you could overwrite an existing workflow when saving to the gallery from designer. It could be a simple popup with a yes/no option to overwrite/save a new copy. Currently, you would have to


1) Save your workflow to the Gallery.

2) Click on ok and be taken to that workflow.

3) Go back to your private studio.

4) Search for the app you want to replace.

5) Realize you have 7 copies of the same workflow with the same name and try to determine which one you want to replace. (this could just be a "me" problem)

6) Select that app

7) Click on replace workflow.

😎 type the name of the workflow in the box.

9) Look through your list of 7 workflows and choose the one that was just uploaded. Usually the first in the list I think.

10) Lament that it took way too many steps.


I recognize that you can open workflows from the gallery in designer which does allow overwriting, but I've run into issues with 1) external dependencies not working as expected (ie packaged assets don't quite work the way I want) and 2) about half the time it will simply give you root errors and then your only option is to save to a folder and then go through the process above.

8 - Asteroid

So I've been doing my best to leverage Alteryx versioning instead of setting up a Github workflow but I have this same pain point. It's very frustrating to end up with a bunch of workflows with the same name and lose the versioning.


Even when I open a workflow from the server, if my internet drops or something times out (not sure what happens), I'll change the workflow and hit "save" and nothing happens. It doesn't upload the current version (does nothing), so I have to manually save it back to the server and create a new version with the same name or a different name. It's really messy.

12 - Quasar


13 - Pulsar

70% of the time, the user forget to replace the workflow.... it leads to confusion. On Tableau, when you publish your workbook on Server, you can replace one, you juste have a warning message. Seems cool to me.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Will this ever be implemented? Please tell me it is going to be on 22.1!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Have been in desperate need of this for some time now!!

9 - Comet

fully agree with this, it would be great!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Any updates on this one? It would definitely be a major one! Users get so confused around it.

8 - Asteroid

Any updates on implementing this solution? This has caused so much confusion for users.

Status changed to: Under Review
7 - Meteor

It's still "Under Review."  Any update?