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Server Admin: Restart

Use Cases:


  1. As a server admin, planned PM outages should be scheduled.  These outages should prevent jobs from beginning execution (window of time) prior to the outage.  Jobs running at the time of the cut-off should be system-cancelled.  
  2. As a server admin, unplanned outages should cause running jobs to stop.  At the conclusion of an outage, jobs that are system cancelled should be restarted.

Currently, we use Task Manager to control Alteryx Service (or command line).  An administrative function within Alteryx should support graceful stopping and starting of the service as user jobs are interrupted (or can be) by our activities.  While I currently post messages to users alerting them to admin activities, I am asked why Tableau can restart jobs (admin) and we can't.  Other admins have asked what is "hanging" alteryx service up for a STOP command.  I have explained that all jobs must be stopped in order for a quick restart of the service.  


We're using a single server today (this client) and plan to add workers to the configuration.   It would be helpful to know where work is running and be able to use admin functions across the servers.




8 - Asteroid

Following - we really need this feature. Also, for whatever reason I cannot just "subscribe" to this feed.

5 - Atom

Have we made any progress on this idea? We would really like a feature that does this gracefully for us.


We usually reboot our machines for system updates and when we do, we stop Alteryx service from running before we do a reboot.

During this time, if there is a scheduled job running, it stops to run but automatically switches to "Completed" state.

As a result, when the server is restarted, not only does it not restart the previously scheduled job but also effectively stops the next schedules as well.