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Request the chained app timeout (chainedTimeout) be made a user-configurable parameter

See following article for background reference: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Server-Discussions/workflow-exceeded-maximum-runtime-of-30-...


I have a support case (#00278355) advising unsupported changes to the alteryx.config file, involving an undocumented setting for chainedTimeout, as in:


<engine enableAutoLicensing="true" useServiceLayerComposer="true" chainedTimeout="10800"


This setting should be documented, supported, and made user-configurable through the System Settings GUI. 



10 - Fireball
I'm supporting this idea. I've recently come across this issue and had to dig through some KnowledgeBase articles and open a support ticket to figure out what was going on. The positive thing is it made me adjust my workflow through performance profiling.
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepted



I'm updating this idea to the Accepted status, however I wanted to fully explain what that status would mean in the case of this idea. 


The ability to control the chained apps timeout through the System Settings would actually be controlled through the Designer product within Server, and thus by the Designer team. However the Designer team has not reviewed this idea, so I cannot provide insight if that's on the road map. However the underlying issue involving the chained apps timeout is being addressed by a large initiative involving our orchestration on Server.


Thus I'm moving this to Accepted as the source of the issue is being actively looked into. However if you would like this feature to be included on the System Setting, please feel free to post a corresponding idea on the Designer Idea board for the Designer team to review.

7 - Meteor

I appreciate it is "Accepted" but do not appreciate that it is NOT truly accepted.  

I wonder how many good or great ideas die in this way when the idea, presented in one area because from a user/admin view it makes sense but from the Alteryx internal view it belongs in another team's domain...throw it over to them...sort of...and then tell us to go replicate our idea in the other Team's ideas section.  or so that is how I take this.

We are very busy people and we appreciate the ability to propose enhancements and influence the product but we don't have tons of time to monitor all the ideas we propose or those others propose and we support.  much less go back and manually replicate what we did here.

I would expect and hope that in this scenario the idea (complete thread) could be pushed to the other area.  the thread anchors here by a key, simply change the key or give us a mechanism to do so.  


In this way the history of comments and support is not lost and no time is wasted.

And I may copy paste this as a new idea if I can find an appropriate location other than where it is now.