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Gallery Scheduler to have retry interval incase if it fails.

Gallery Scheduler can schedule the workflows recurring,custom and once.


Idea 1 : Incase the scheduled run fails it would be good to have an retry option incase the source file path has network latency or network glitch.


Idea 2 : It would also be good if the scheduler checks if the latest feed or file is present in the source file path and have an option to kick off to run job the moment the latest file is present.


Idea 3 : For workflow to run on start and end of the working day month date we currently do not have an option in scheduler. we have an option to choose the first day and last day but the first and last working days in a month.


Idea 4 : When we choose the replace workflow option that changes the version of the workflow on gallery the schedule automatically is disabled. We will have to manually enable the schedule and also re-enter the credentials which is difficult if we keep updating our workflows every time with new changes as per business needs. request to have the schedule option enabled incase the replace workflow is done and also not to erase the workflow credentials.