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Option to modify intermediate output in gallery and run next step in a chained app

It would be great to have an option to show intermediate output in gallery and allow user to modify that intermediate output before running the next step in a chained app environment.

This will come really handy in cleaning messy data which requires some manual input and user can complete their work form single gallery screen.


Currently the only way to achieve it is to build separate workflows/apps where first you have to download the messy data on your local drive and then upload it back via a separate workflow to complete the task.

5 - Atom

Adding intermediate results to chained apps on Server is a necessary next step in bringing Server to function similarly to Desktop. Almost the entire reason to chain an app is to have intermediate results! It is a major oversight in product design to allow chained apps on Server without providing the option of user interactivity in between workflows.

5 - Atom

It would be very helpful to be able to at least view the "intermediate" outputs of the chained apps. An example is that App 1 may provide preliminary results, which the user would review and then either "end" the workflow after app 1 (and download the results), or choose to continue to App 2 to make further refinements.